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  • Top Tips for Managing Your Online Workforce


    As more and more companies are switching to remote workers for many positions, businesses are seeing the advantages. From saving money on office space to being able to attract highly skilled workers from across a wider geographic region, telecommuting is proving to be attractive for both employees and employers. Now the challenge is for management to keep up with their evolving workforce to keep employees as happy and productive as possible. Here are tips for making the most of your online workforce.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 23 May 2018

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    Tips for Building Strong Online Teamwork


    Online collaboration tools have made it easier than ever to coordinate work between teams, regardless of where they’re located. That, however, hasn’t eliminated the need to create better teamwork. Just like people who work side by side in the same office, remote teams need to be nurtured so that misunderstandings are minimized and communication is improved. Find out the keys to making your teams more successful.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 16 May 2018


    How to Organize the Perfect Home Work Environment


    Working from home can be an amazing way to get more accomplished both at work and in your life. Online collaboration is proving to be one of the biggest trends in business. It can be both an enormous cost savings for companies as well as an important benefit to employees. The key to making telecommuting work is making sure you make the most of your time at work, even when you’re at home. Here are the top tips for organizing to make your home workspace aid your success.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 9 May 2018


    The 6 Essentials for File Sharing Under GDPR

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    Before we had shared digital filing systems, we were restricted to either paper systems or sharing files via email. Paper systems require large amounts of physical space, which is why digital systems are so attractive. Using a file sharing system specifically designed for organizational use addresses these problems.

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    Posted by Jacqui Hogan on 9 May 2018

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    How to Be More Effective When Working Remotely


    Whether you work from home all the time, telecommute occasionally, or need to work from hotel rooms during business trips, it is important to have a plan. You want to be able to get plenty accomplished, regardless of where you’re working. Although it may not seem like your location should matter, it can take an effort to convert your usual work strategies to remote work. Here are ways to keep yourself happy and productive.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 2 May 2018


    Is Management Leadership Dead?


    Are you providing leadership to your team? Do you have a good understanding of who does what in your team and how long it takes? Are you inspiring your workers to be more successful? Are you spending all of your time managing paperwork or clients, leaving no time for managing your employees? Are your employees happy and productive? If you aren’t sure about the answers to these questions, why aren’t you? Finally, how could you improve your leadership?

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 25 April 2018


    How to Put the “I” in Teamwork


    Management books are filled with mentions of teamwork, and the importance of having employees work well together as a team is well understood. The problem is how to make it happen. Generally, the focus is on how managers can bring their teams together. What people forget is that managers themselves are a critical part of the team. Here are ways to make sure you aren’t the missing link in your team.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 18 April 2018


    How to Fold Space: Document Management for Remote Workers

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    When you have the right documents to hand, it makes the difference between a smoothly running organisation and a series of ‘rabbit-in-the-headlight’ moments.

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    Posted by Jacqui Hogan on 12 April 2018

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    5 Ways to Connect to Your Employees


    Many managers strive to be better leaders with ambitions that go beyond even those lofty aspirations of reducing employee turnover and improving staff productivity. Many of us, though, don’t know how to go about making those change. Here are ways that you can connect with your team and improve their teamwork.   

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 10 April 2018


    5 Tips for Building More Effective Teams


    Businesses rely on teamwork. Getting your staff work together effectively can make all the difference when it comes to getting work done on time, on budget and to standard. Teams can also be a wonderful way to bring together different specialties and make the work more interesting. Alternatively, though, they can result in disorganisation or lost time that people find frustrating. Here are ways to create teams that will work well together and efficiently get work done.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 4 April 2018


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