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  • Here’s a handy feature that’ll save you time!

    Attach documents, set up tasks or make announcements in Glasscubes directly from your email. It’s as simple as forwarding the file, task or announcement to the unique email address associated with the relevant area within your Workspace. This can be found above the text box that you would normally enter the text into to upload a file, set a task or make an announcement.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 25 September 2013

    New product feature – Upload folders

    Do you have multiple folders that you’d like to upload to your Glasscubes account? We have just developed our folder uploader. This handy tool will quickly and easily upload all of the files and folders you need while maintaining the original hierarchical structure.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 30 August 2013

    New Max 100 Account

    Would you like a Glasscubes account with full product features, unlimited workspaces and for free. Well now you can with our new Max 100 Account! No credit card, no contract and no hidden fees. Sign up for your free Glasscubes account today just visit

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 15 August 2013

    Glasscubes FREE conference calling service

    Did you know that Glasscubes comes with a free conference calling service? It's built in as standard and really simple to use. It's also instantly available, with no booking, no billing and no fuss! Sign up and start calling immediately. You can make unlimited conference calls for free and only pay the cost of a 0844 call; which is just added to your regular phone bill. The charges are low cost so you will be saving your company money.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 8 August 2013

    Better email support

    We've made an update over the weekend to add better support for creating content via email within Workspaces. So what can you do?

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 10 June 2012

    Password protected file sharing and folders


    We've made some updates a while ago that we wanted to bring to you attention in case you missed this new extra functionality on your account. When managing projects or working on sales proposals you quite often need to share a file, document or folder securely with a client. Normally most people will send these via email, which is totally NOT secure, and is not encoded in anyway - your files can easly be intercepted.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 29 February 2012


    Real-time Feeds


    When it comes to online collaborating, sharing files, etc its good to keep abreast of who else on your account is doing what so you can keep an overview of everything happening in your organization. Of course we have the Activity feeds in Glasscubes that gives you a snapshot of everything that has been happening.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 20 May 2011

    Micro messaging for sharing information

    We've changed the default Workspace dashboard to include a micro message/blog field just like you have in Facebook and Twitter. This is great for sharing information with Glasscubes online project management

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 14 April 2011

    User Groups in Glasscubes

    This weekend we are making available across all accounts the ability to create User Groups. What are user groups? Its a convenient way of grouping users together so that you can select a group of people with a single click when sending a notification or adding them to a Workspace. Groups can be anything you want from an internal team, or an external company. So how does it work? - first go to the 'Admin area' then 'User security', scroll down to just under the list of users and you will see this now:

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 16 February 2011

    Updated Workspace navigation

    We've just recently updated the the way you can navigate Workspaces with Glasscubes in an effort to make your navigation around your account more quick and easy thus reducing the number of clicks to get where you want to be.

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    Posted by Wayne Pope on 15 February 2011


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