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  • This Is How to Improve Your Efficiency


    Remote working is becoming more and more common as businesses strive to cut costs and increase employee efficiency. However, there are those who feel that a workforce that escapes the watchful eye of management will be less productive and more inclined to shirk responsibilities. There are a few tips and tricks you can implement to give your remote working employees a gentle nudge in the right direction – here’s to improved efficiency and a happy workforce.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 10 July 2018


    Great Ways to Improve Your Home Office


    If you’re tired of balancing your laptop precariously on your knees while perched on the sofa or are finding it increasingly difficult to find an uncluttered spot at the dining room table it could be time to move into your own home office.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 4 July 2018


    Get Your Team Working Better Together, Wherever They Are


    Team collaboration may be the key to your company’s success. Whether your employees need to coordination projects together all of the time or simply be on the same page while doing their work, effective collaboration is crucial. The type of business, your workers, and your workspace will all factor into the best way to facilitate teamwork, and are among the many ways to improve the odds of effective team collaboration.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 27 June 2018


    How to Make Your Meetings Go More Quickly


    Meetings are often an important part of business and yet they can quickly become a huge waste of time. Reducing meeting times can be a challenge for a number of reasons, so check out these ways to help make your meetings speedy and effective.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 20 June 2018


    How to Keep Your Business Secure Online


    Today’s business is increasingly moving online. From cloud-based storage to remote workers, most companies are seeing a growing need for good online solutions. At the same time, companies want to reduce the overhead costs that come with maintaining network maintenance and cyber security. This can be a challenge in a time of growing problems with sensitive data. Here are ways to help keep your company secure.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 13 June 2018


    First Impressions Count: Modern On Boarding That Engages New Starters

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    For anyone who’s recently started a new job, you’ll know how hard it can be to hit the ground running. Most organisations have Policies and Procedure manuals, but where are they? Even if you are given the ‘blue manual’ on your first day, it’s probably out of date. (Why is it always a blue manual?) . Chances are, too, no-one has remembered that you need access to the new laptop that came with your new job, and that IT person is on holiday today.

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    Posted by Jacqui Hogan on 13 June 2018

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    How to Motivate Your Team with Non-Financial Incentives

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    Keeping your team motivated can be tough. In fact, only 13% of employees feel actively engaged across the globe. That's a tough number to contend with.

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    Posted by Raj Jana on 8 June 2018

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    How to Develop Leadership Skills within Your Team


    Building a great team of employees is hard work. Finding the right skills, knowledge, and personalities to successfully work together (and then keep them together) is a huge accomplishment. And the process of building a better team doesn’t end there. The next step is help your employees develop their leadership skills. This can be more difficult than it seems.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 6 June 2018


    Top Tips for Managing Your Online Workforce


    As more and more companies are switching to remote workers for many positions, businesses are seeing the advantages. From saving money on office space to being able to attract highly skilled workers from across a wider geographic region, telecommuting is proving to be attractive for both employees and employers. Now the challenge is for management to keep up with their evolving workforce to keep employees as happy and productive as possible. Here are tips for making the most of your online workforce.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 23 May 2018

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    Tips for Building Strong Online Teamwork


    Online collaboration tools have made it easier than ever to coordinate work between teams, regardless of where they’re located. That, however, hasn’t eliminated the need to create better teamwork. Just like people who work side by side in the same office, remote teams need to be nurtured so that misunderstandings are minimized and communication is improved. Find out the keys to making your teams more successful.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 16 May 2018


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