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  • What Personality Types Make the Best Remote Workers?


    With the recent increase in home working there are now far more companies and employees interested in making this switch. There are certainly some big advantages to be had from starting to work remotely, both for the business for the workers involved.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 21 February 2018

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    What Can Businesses Learn from Teamwork in Sport?


    Teamwork is one of the key elements in the success of any group of people. Without this, you just get a bunch of individuals doing their own thing without any concern for the overall results.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 13 February 2018


    3 easy steps to tap into and share your team’s knowledge

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    The world is littered with astonishing finds. From extinct animals to ships and cities that have been lost until technology has developed to the stage of being able to find them. All have increased our knowledge and enabled us to discover new facts, new ways of doing things or just exciting ideas we would not otherwise have thought of. The knowledge inside your organisations can be like this too.

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    Posted by Jacqui Hogan on 8 February 2018

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    This Is Why UK Businesses Are Going Green


    Among the most encouraging business news in recent times is the fact that many British companies are reported to be going green. This is great news for the environment, as well as for the economy and for the firms' workers.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 6 February 2018


    Why is Teamwork So Important in Business?

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    You have probably heard at some point that everyone needs to work together as a team. There is no “I” in team, after all. Equally, teamwork makes the dream work and together everyone achieves more. Yet, what do these popular phrases actually mean? Basically, why is teamwork so important in business?

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 24 January 2018


    Tips on Hiring Remote Staff without Any Fuss

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    The move towards hiring remote staff has given businesses all over the world a far greater degree of flexibility. It is now possible to build up a team that is effective and cost-efficient without housing them all under one roof. However, the idea of hiring remote staff can be daunting for anyone doing it for the first time. Thankfully, there are some easy tips that will guide you smoothly and painlessly through the process.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 16 January 2018


    New year, new goals – update your plan for 2018

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    Many years ago, in a very rash state of mind, I declared that I was going to become a black belt in Karate. There was much hilarity amongst my friends, as I am not exactly built for power or speed! Nevertheless, I was determined that this would be my goal, and that I would achieve it before I was thirty.

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    Posted by Jacqui Hogan on 10 January 2018

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    How to Be a Better Team Leader

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    Being a team leader is a tough job with a lot of responsibility. It can also be massively satisfying when you see the progress made by your team over time. You can learn a lot about yourself in this role too. If you want to be proud of truly contributing to the success of a team and the personal growth of the staff then the following are a few of the best ways of going about it.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 9 January 2018


    Great Ways to Keep Your Remote Team Incentivised

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    With more people than ever before now working from home, the challenge of keeping remote workers at the top of their game is a hot subject. It is all very well allowing someone to work from home but you can’t then just cut them adrift from the team. The idea of maintaining a sense of unity is a remote team is something many managers approach in different ways.

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams on 3 January 2018


    The Best Reasons to Let Your Staff Work from Home

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    The move towards remote working has seen millions of people all across the planet start to work from home in recent years. This is a change that works on a number of levels, giving both employer and employee some huge benefits in the long-term. 

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    Posted by Chris Cane on 26 December 2017


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