• Three Major Benefits of Using Collaboration Software

    on 18 July 2016


    Major benefits

    Our jobs are getting more complicated. The parameters of our jobs can no longer be clearly defined, and from one day to the next it’s possible for us to be assigned new tasks that we have to adapt to very quickly. This is because companies depend on an ever-changing software industry to improve efficiency. Our changing job roles are an inevitable consequence of the digital age.

    As our job roles change to meet modern business demands, so does the software that companies depend on. Online collaboration software has dramatically changed the workplace in recent years, from task management to better client relations. Here are three of the biggest ways collaboration software has impacted the workplace.


    Everything is done online. Memos are a thing of days gone by and notes are can be added directly to project tasks on the virtual whiteboard. With a platform of instant communication and almost unlimited storage, who needs paper?

    There are a number of advantages to going paper-free, the first and perhaps most obvious one is the positive environmental impact. Less paper means less natural resources wasted.

    Aside from the environmental benefit, going paperless has some very significant implications in the office. For one thing, you’ll be able to put the printer room to better use, or even find that now all those filing cabinets and overstuffed drawers are out of the picture, there’s no need to rent so much office space.


    Projects can easily grow and diverge from their original goals. Projects become tangled in sub projects and tasks if they are not carefully managed. In the past, little things like a misplaced phone number could jeopardise the whole project. With collaboration software, everything is run through a virtual platform, and everyone can see tasks and who they are assigned to. Email can be bypassed in favour of simple instant messaging, and deadlines are a lot easier to stick to thanks to reminders.

    Client relations

    Calling a meeting with the client isn’t a lot of fun if you have to explain why you haven’t completed the work they’re paying you for. Online collaboration allows the client to receive regular updates and see an overview of progress made thus far. If there are any conflicts or hiccups these can be resolved right away, no need for an hour filled with excuses and apologies.

    Our jobs and responsibilities will continue to grow and transform alongside changing tools and business needs. Online collaboration tools are the way forward when it comes to project management.

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    Posted by Sebastian Kocen