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    Phasing Out The Physical Office, Online Workspaces in 2016

    on 22 February 2016

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    Posted by Sam Abrahams
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    Last year we were supposed to have hoverboards and cars running on garbage, at least according to Back to the Future fans. While we didn’t quite get there with the automatic dog-walker or talking jackets, plenty of other technologies can be used to move into the future.

    As online infrastructure becomes faster, better and more widely available, we are gravitating towards an office that exists more online than on the physical plane. More employees are working part or full-time from home, travelling is more common as companies become international, and mobile devices play a large role in our daily lives. Forget paperless, how about officeless?

    In times like these it is paramount to have working systems in place that can optimise teamwork and collaboration between staff. You can no longer hang out at the water dispenser to discuss an upcoming project, but instead you can use great software to facilitate easy and effective communication, no matter where fellow team members happen to be.

    Online workspaces are an example of something that will make the process smoother. A workspace is a section of an extranet or intranet where members can synchronise their work. It can be in the form of file sharing, real-time document editing, instant chat or something as easy as a shared contacts list. Email is no longer used for collaboration – online workspaces provide far more effective ways of ongoing communication and collaboration; with features such as conference calls and forums, they are fantastic for teams looking to develop and progress projects.

    Cloud technology: you have probably heard of it. Instead of storing information, files and documents, you send them to the cloud. This makes them accessible from home, abroad or basically anywhere you can find an internet connection. Never again will you have to worry about forgotten documents; access them directly on your mobile device. Quickly give access to crucial documents when hiring an outsourcing company, or even share files with your clients for feedback. Cut costs on office hardware as no expensive servers are needed.

    All in all, we are now at a point where the physical office increasingly plays a minor role and project management and collaboration, via online workspaces such as those of Glasscubes, are mobile, flexible and the future. Welcome to 2016!