Task management


Tasks and milestones are crucial for delivering a successful project on time. Knowing what needs to be completed, by whom and when, keeps everyone in the loop. Glasscubes allows you to assign tasks and priorities, to individuals or groups, in an online environment that’s transparent to the rest of the team.

Project planning tools


Glasscubes provides a comprehensive suite of project management tools; everything that’s needed to manage even the most complex of projects with ease. Task dependencies, critical path analysis and Gantt charts all help to ensure that your project stays on schedule and is completed by its deadline.

Online project workspaces


A project workspace is a secure online area that you invite people to join so that you can assign tasks, share files, collaborate and organise schedules. Divide your projects into secure workspaces and keep activities distinct and confidential. Each workspace can be branded and tailored to the group of people or project it contains.

Tracking project progression

Glasscubes gives you immediate insight to your team’s activity, their engagement and your project’s progression. Either at a high level by monitoring, reporting and analysing workload across multiple projects, or in detail by looking into an individual task’s audit trail.

Teams doing great things with Glasscubes

Placeholder Task time tracking

Calculating the costs associated with a project can either be an internal requirement or a necessity for accurate external charging. Glasscubes allows you to allocate an estimated time to tasks and then makes it easy to record and report on the actual time spent completing them.

Placeholder Storing and sharing project files

Glasscubes is perfect if your project requires a central “go to” file repository. There is no restriction to the types of file you can store. Securely share files with people outside of your workspace using a time sensitive and password protected link, that can be withdrawn by you at any time.

Shared calendars

Shared calendars are perfect for project teams that need to schedule activities and monitor availability. Calendars can either be shared or private and multiple calendars can be overlaid. It makes administering schedules while considering everyone’s availability easy.


Keeping everybody in the loop

It’s critical that project-based teams have an easy way to collaborate. Multiple teams, tight deadlines and external resources can make clear communication and project management problematic. Workspace activity feeds keep everyone up to date by providing a single summary of what’s happening.


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