How does Glasscubes differ from most online intranet software?


Intranets have a reputation for being cumbersome and underutilized—a tool that sits idle while employees find easier ways to collaborate with their colleagues. Our solution offers a stark contrast to this outdated concept—Glasscubes is user friendly, with a simple interface that’s intuitive to use and requires no training.

Our cloud-based intranet platform is accessible from anywhere, on any device that has an internet browser. Plus, unlike traditional intranet solutions, Glasscubes requires no help from IT—no lengthy or complicated setup, no ongoing maintenance, and no frustrating tech support. Although we’re certainly here for you.

Discover workspaces—your new favorite way to bring the right people together


Workspaces are one of Glasscubes’ defining features. A workspace is a secure online area where you can invite people from across the company—and even outside of it—to share files, assign tasks, manage projects, communicate, organise schedules, and more. Invite colleagues, customers, and vendors alike to collaborate.

You can create workspaces for different departments, teams, work groups, and projects. Whatever your needs, you can spin up and customise an unlimited number of workspaces to address them. Easily organise your people, projects, and tasks for maximum productivity.

Make Glasscubes your own with branding


We understand the importance of promoting your brand and realise that it should be reflected in everything you do. So we make it easy to customise your account, workspaces, and communications to promote yourself (rather than us). In fact, our Enterprise edition can be completely white labelled, creating added value by promoting Glasscubes as an extension of your organisation's own offering.

Invite customers to join their own workspace, which is branded to your look and feel. Every interaction they have with you and your team—file sharing, communication, task completions—is another opportunity to make a good impression.

Boost engagement with a social network

Today’s intranets are meant to be collaborative! Bring together all your news, tasks, and communications in one unified space. Use your intranet to foster team relationships, announce work happenings, and share vital information. Building this type of work-social environment stimulates collaboration and improves productivity.

Teams doing great things with Glasscubes

Go mobile

The beauty of Glasscubes as a cloud-based intranet is that you can access your account from any device with an internet browser—whether it’s your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Set up and assign tasks, download and modify files, manage your shared calendars, and join in discussions from whatever device you’re using.


We understand the security of our customers’ data is critical—that’s why it’s our number one priority. Glasscubes is secure intranet software that can only be accessed by authorised users.

Glasscubes is UK-government approved and accredited by UKAS with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification. All customer data is remotely synchronised, backed up, and distributed across three different physical locations in the UK. Further, access to our cloud-based intranet service uses high grade SSL encryption to ensure secure data transfer, and data is encrypted at rest as an additional safeguard.


Bringing businesses together

Glasscubes offers more than just online intranet software—take advantage of our extranet functionality too. Extranets are distinct from intranets in that they are intended for users outside of the company, whereas an intranet's users are only internal staff. Glasscubes can be used as an intranet, an extranet, or a combination of both. Create a custom workspace and invite your customers, associates, or suppliers—anyone that you need to communicate and share information with regularly—to turn your intranet into your extranet.


We'll help you work smarter, faster, and with less effort.