Online Workspace

Online Workspaces

Glasscubes provides a suite of tools that are contained within secure online workspaces. They enable users to better collaborate, project manage and use resources.

Our customisable online workspaces connect team members, whether from the same office, disparate locations, or from different organisations across different time zones.

What is an Online Workspace?

The hub of your virtual office, an online workspace provides tools for groups of users to share information as they work on projects collaboratively. Glasscubes is accessible through an internet browser – so there is no costly setup or installation – and contains space to securely store and exchange documents and other files. Glasscubes also includes additional features, such as shared calendars and specialised tools for a variety of tasks and project management purposes.

Personal workspaces

Each user has their own personal workspace, where they receive and manage assignments, upload work for approval, and communicate with colleagues. Logical and user-friendly, the personal workspace requires no training to get started, just an internet connection to log on.

Shared online workspaces

Meanwhile, there is a shared online workspace that acts as part of an intranet across the organisation or team, providing a central repository for file exchange, an announcement board and discussion forum. This includes access for team members to key information, and tools for management.

Online workspaces can be shared with users from outside your immediate team, connecting co-workers and colleagues, customers and business partners, to collaborate as either observers or contributing participants.

Our Online Workspaces: Key Features

Document and file sharing

Within the central repository for all files, our document management tools offer version control, multiple uploads, previews and comments.

Task management

Glasscubes allows you to create, assign and track tasks in your workspaces. You can create private tasks, track what has been completed and even assign your own categories.


Replace never-ending email chains with posts. Our online workspaces are threaded and accessible by all team members, keeping everyone involved and making sure that nobody misses key announcements.


All access is performed over https/SSL encryption, which provides the highest level of secure communication between your computer and our data centres.


Every individual has their own calendar, as does every workspace, so key events can easily be tracked by the whole team.

Conference calls

Each member is allocated their own, unique conference call number, which allows them to easily organise conference calls, regardless of the telephone system or location.


Each workspace has its own customisable dashboard, which allows you to make announcements and view a summary of the latest activity.

Data backed up and secure

All data and files are backed up to multiple data centres. Anytime something is saved, we instantly mirror and store the files on multiple disks to make sure that your data can never get lost.

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