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Online Workspaces For Team Collaboration

Glasscubes provides a suite of tools that are contained within secure online workspaces. They enable users to better collaborate, project manage and use resources.


Bring everyone together in one virtual location to get work done efficiently. Make sure everyone is on the same page, whether they’re down the hall or on the other side of the world.

What is an online workspace?

An online workspace is a virtual hub where your team can collaborate in real time or asynchronously. Glasscubes’ online workspaces are fully customisable and enable you to loop in clients, vendors, and anyone else you grant permission to so everyone can stay abreast of the latest developments in the company or on specific projects. You can store and share files, assign tasks, communicate through threaded discussions, and more.

Online Workspace Use Cases

  • Project workspaces. You can create workspaces for individual projects, such as one for designing a new product or constructing a new building.
  • Departmental workspaces. You can create workspaces dedicated to specific departments within your organisation. For example, you can create a workspace for marketing personnel to assign tasks to different team members for advertising campaigns, and store and share digital assets.
  • Member directory. You can create an online workspace listing all company personnel. Employees can use the directory to learn more about specific people or find people with specific skill sets to help on a project.

Whatever your use case, online workspaces streamline your team’s workflows and allow them to collaborate more effectively. Keep reading to see the key collaboration features of an online workspace Glasscubes offers.

Glasscubes’ Online Workspace Features

Public And Private Spaces

In Glasscubes, you can create two different kinds of online workspaces: public and private. Public workspaces are published into a workspace directory where they can be found and joined by anyone within the organisation. Private workspaces can’t be seen without an invite, and members must be granted permission before joining.

Team workspace

File Storage & Sharing

Store and share files securely with teammates and clients alike. You can store whatever type of files you want, from PDFs to images to Word documents. Once uploaded, files are automatically version-controlled, so your team will always be working on the most up-to-date version.

You can also set up read and approval workflows with files. Want confirmation that a new employee read the company manual? Use a read request. Need your boss to sign off on an important file before it goes to the client? Use an approval request.


Task Management

Make managing projects easier by assigning tasks to appropriate team members, clients, or anyone that’s a member of the online workspace. Keep everyone in the loop about what needs to be completed when and who’s responsible. Stay on track with  project management features such as task dependencies, critical path analysis, and Gantt charts.

Glasscubes project management software

Form Integration

Do you use forms as part of your normal workflow? Forms are integrated into Glasscubes. You can create forms for internal or external use—for example, use a form for employees to request time off or get information from a client. Like files, your forms are secure and can be a part of a read or approval workflow.

Glasscubes form


Announcements can be used at the global and workspace levels, assuming the user has the right permissions. Global announcements appear across all workspaces, while workspace announcements are limited to the workspace in which they’re created. Both types of announcements are shown to members in a highly visible manner and must be dismissed to continue using the platform. You can check the audit trail of each announcement to verify who’s seen it and when.

News announcement


Each online workspace has its own customisable summary page, which allows you to make announcements and view a summary of the latest activity—recent files, file updates, recent posts, tasks completed, and tasks created. High-priority announcements—or just the latest news—can be pinned to the main dashboard for continual viewing.

Glasscubes dashboard


Threaded Discussions

Glasscubes uses threaded discussions similar to social media posts, complete with the ability to “like” posts and mention other workspace members. These discussion threads are used to collaborate everywhere, from the home page to individual files.

Glasscubes threaded discussion


Every individual has their own calendar, as does every workspace, so key events can easily be tracked by the whole team. Additionally, workspace members can sync calendars to their Outlook or Gmail accounts.

Glasscubes calendar


Glasscubes uses the highest levels of SSL encryption for members accessing the platform, and data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Also, all data is distributed across a minimum of three different physical locations across the U.K. for additional protection.

Glasscubes security

Enjoy all the above features of an online workspace with Glasscubes. Start your free trial today.

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