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Glasscubes is perfect if you want to create a central “go to” file repository for fast, simple and secure file sharing. There is no restriction to the types of file you can store and no limit on the individual file size. Files and folders can either be uploaded in bulk or conveniently emailed into the online cloud storage platform.

Accurate information, guaranteed


A lack of document management often leads to disastrous consequences, especially when individuals find themselves working with different versions of the same file. Every file that’s uploaded to Glasscubes is automatically version controlled so that users can be confident that they have the latest and most accurate information that’s available to them.

Always synchronised


The ‘Offline File Sync’ feature is an optional upgrade for secure file sharing, it allows you to work on your files while you’re offline and then automatically synchronise them to the online workspace the next time you have an internet connection. It’s perfect for teams that need access to their content regardless of location or internet connectivity.

Find your information fast

Glasscubes has an enterprise level search facility that not only searches document titles but also deep searches their contents. Adding labels is another powerful way of organising and finding content easily. Combine the two and ensure that you always find the right information fast.


Teams doing great things with Glasscubes

Online whiteboards for any device

Whiteboards are online documents that are quick to create using any device without the need for Microsoft Office. They’re perfect for remote teams that want a central area to jot down ideas, make lists or add notes.

Quick content collaboration

Unlike email, controlling group collaboration around files is simple. Just add your comments or question to a file and notify other users. They can then respond with their comments, which the whole group is able to view and discuss.

Reporting and auditing

Gain immediate insight into your user’s activity, either by individual or workspace as a whole. A detailed audit trail is available to download, sort and analyse making sure that you know who’s accessing your content and what they are doing with it.

Document acceptance and approval

Glasscubes makes it easy to request the approval of a document from an individual or group. It’s also easy to make sure that your information is being received, read and understood. This is particularly useful for auditing and compliance purposes.


Securing and controlling your data

Glasscubes provides your users with secure access to their files but in a permission-based environment that's controlled by you.


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