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Email is for messaging, not collaboration


Email is no longer an effective way of collaborating as a team, it’s impractical and only contributes to an already overloaded inbox; likewise information that is only emailed between individuals then excludes the remainder of the team. Our team collaboration software removes the burden from your inbox and allows you to post relevant communication that can be found by everyone.

Keeping everyone in the loop


Multiple teams, fast growth and external resources can make clear communication and managing day-to-day activities problematic. Workspace activity feeds keep everyone up to date by providing a single summary of what’s happening. Discussions, questions and comments are displayed with quick links, making it easy to view and contribute to them.

Announcements that are heard


A workspace announcement is a great way to make sure that members are aware of an important update. Unlike an email, your announcement will remain present in a user’s workspace until they acknowledge it, which means nobody has an excuse for not reading what you have to say.

Organised group feedback

Using the right team collaboration software makes it easy to request and collate group feedback. It provides a quick way of getting a general consensus for making group decisions. Simply create a poll, add multiple-choice answers and ask users to vote. The results are then conveniently displayed as a visual representation for quick reference.


Teams doing great things with Glasscubes

Reduce the time spent in meetings

Face-to-face meetings are time consuming, costly and often unnecessary. Glasscubes gives you an easier way to collaborate by sharing information instantly via the cloud. Everyone can contribute at a time that’s convenient to them, without stepping outside their office or even picking up a phone.

Free conference calling

Set up and make conference calls with no booking, no billing and no fuss. Unlimited conference calls with up to fifty participants per call, for free! You just pay the cost of a local call, which is conveniently added to your regular phone bill.


Ask questions and share knowledge

Colleagues and external team members often have valuable experience or information but don’t have a way to share their knowledge easily. Glasscubes gives you a platform to combine and share team members' knowledge. Over time this will mature in to a valuable “go to” knowledge base that can be searched, making it ideal for employee training, teamwork and succession planning.


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