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Cloud Storage For Teams: The 4 Best Services

on 14 March 2022

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Posted by Kevin Senior
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Years ago, the only clouds on most professionals’ minds were the ones outside their office—where they longed to be instead of wading through mounds of paperwork at their desk.

Now when someone mentions the cloud at work, we think of an invisible storage container that magically holds all our work or—for those who are more in-the-know about technology—rows of servers in a data center.

Whatever the image that comes to mind, it’s clear that the cloud has become an integral part of our professional lives, especially when it comes to collaboration. Enter cloud storage for teams—whether they are internal, external, or a mix of both.

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Benefits Of Cloud Storage For Teams

Teams can reap several benefits from implementing a cloud storage strategy:

  • Mobility. Cloud storage allows you to sync your data across whatever devices you use. Marc Stitt, CMO of FMX, says, “Being able to log into your storage service from your device wherever you happen to be—with the right credentials—gives you ultimate mobility.”
  • Scalability. “Cloud storage is scalable and adaptable to changing needs,” says Dustin Porreca, SEO manager at Elevate Demand. If you find that your current storage plan is insufficient, you can simply switch to a higher service plan and the cloud provider will allocate you more space and additional features in some cases.
  • Data preservation. Jamie Opalchuk, CEO of HostPapa, says cloud storage maintains your data across different data centers. “Even if your data is lost or corrupted on one server, diligent cloud providers reserve a backup copy to ensure your data is always available.”

So what options do you have when it comes to cloud storage for teams? Keep reading to see what experts from different industries recommend.

Best Cloud Storage for Teams: 4 Options

1. Dropbox

Stitt recommends Dropbox, a cloud storage service provider that lets you store and organize documents, share files, sync data across devices, add passcodes to files, and set expiration dates on file downloads.

  • Where it excels: “The 2 GB of free storage space offered in Dropbox’s lowest plan is useful for getting small companies with limited storage needs started,” says Stitt.
  • Where it needs improvement: “This platform is not the most secure, as there is no end-to-end encryption and only rudimentary compliance support. Additionally, single sign on (SSO) integration is only accessible on the most expensive plan,” Stitt explains.

2. Glasscubes

Glasscubes gets an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars (an "excellent" rating) on Trustpilot from more than 300 reviewers. Glasscubes is an all-in-one collaboration solution that does more than serve as cloud storage for teams. It also has features for project management, intranet and extranet, and information workflow automation.

  • Where it excels: “Glasscubes ticks all the boxes—it cuts out all the clutter when it isn't needed, it is simple to use, and team members get the hang of it within minutes. If you have a problem, staff even pick up the phone,” says PJN.
  • Where it needs improvement: “You have to lock… [and] unlock each time you want to edit a file,” says Melanie Tan, another Trustpilot reviewer.

Glasscubes Free Trial

3. Google Drive

Sherry Morgan, founder of Petsolino, recommends Google Drive, a file management and sharing platform that’s part of Google Workspace’s suite of productivity tools for teams. Drive integrates with sister products Docs, Sheets, and Slides to foster collaboration.

  • Where it excels: “The best thing about Google Drive is its affordable pricing. The first 15 GB storage is free to use, which is already a lot of storage compared to other services. Other tiers are also affordable, ranging from $6 to $18 for each user per month,” says Morgan.
  • Where it needs improvement: “One thing I find difficult when using Google Drive is the upload limit: 750 GB per day. This can be a hassle, especially when you're uploading tons of images and videos,” Morgan explains.

4. pCloud

Tanner Arnold, CEO of Revelation Machinery, recommends pCloud, a cloud storage solution that lets you rewind to previous versions of files up to 15 days for free and 30 days for premium plans.

  • Where it excels: “It has a built-in video player with unlimited file size and speed, which makes it a superior video storage solution when compared to other simple cloud storage options,” says Arnold.
  • Where it needs improvement: “pCloud has three problem areas: file encryption is an expensive add-on, its desktop app has negative feedback on Trustpilot concerning usability, and it only offers customer support through email,” Arnold explains.

Take Cloud Storage For Teams To The Next Level With Glasscubes

With Glasscubes, a collaborative cloud platform, team dynamics will never be the same—in the best way possible. Regardless of your industry or size, you’ll be able to stay connected with internal teams and external parties.

Use Glasscubes to:

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About this author: Kevin Senior

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