Control how information is requested


Some common examples are customer orders, evaluation feedback, membership forms or satisfaction surveys. Perhaps you submit information to other internal departments. Things like holiday requests to HR, expense claims to Finance or service desk requests to IT. Online forms guarantee information that is sent to you cannot get lost. It is delivered immediately and always to right person or team, every time.

Save time requesting and processing information

Project management

Online forms improve productivity by requesting and receiving information in a more efficient manner. They ensure that information is returned to you on time, using automated reminders to chase any outstanding or overdue requests. You are alerted as soon as new information has been received and all your requests can be easily managed from a single view.

Confidence that information is acted on as it is received

Project portfolios

When a form submission is received, it is common for there to be a follow up action to complete. In fact, information being received is often just be the first step of a longer process. Workflow is easy to set up and provides you with a simple way of automating these additional steps, whether you want to collect more information, gain users approval, or assign tasks to other members of your team.

Peace of mind that your information is secure

When a recipient responds to a request for information by submitting a form, the information it contains is encrypted, securely transferred into your workspace, scanned for viruses, and immediately backed up. This method of transferring and storing information ensures GDPR compliance.

Teams doing great things with Glasscubes

PlaceholderEasy file transfer

There is no restriction to the size or quantity of files you can request, and it is unnecessary to print information. Everything can be previewed online, making the solution environmentally friendly too.

PlaceholderReport and analyse

All responses are collated in a central database, making the results quick to analyse. Information can be exported, so that it is easy to share or import into other systems, avoiding mundane manually entry.


Empower your mobile workers

Access forms using our mobile apps and easily capture data wherever you go. The information is transferred and stored securely making if perfect for inspections, audits, or incident reports. Especially useful if you need to show an audit trail for quality, safety and compliance purposes.


We'll help you work smarter, faster, and with less effort.