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    Secure Online Storage

    on 12 July 2021

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    Posted by Kevin Senior
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    If you and your team are constantly fishing for documents in a sea of email chains, you need to modernise your approach to file sharing. Gone are the days of filing away important documents on individual hard drives and sharing them via email or basic file transfer services.

    Today’s savvy business leaders are investing in secure online storage systems that keep confidential files safe.

    A secure online storage solution like Glasscubes helps your team keep important documents organised, searchable, and protected. Your team is always only a few clicks and keystrokes away from accessing key internal and client files. And your team saves time because all files are in one place.

    Here are a few ways we go beyond secure online storage with our solution:

    • File sharing. Whether you want to share a file with a coworker or client, you can do so easily and securely.
    • Approval workflows. Have documents that need approval from a manager or client? We have built-in workflows for that.
    • Searchability. Save time with a powerful search feature that keeps documents close at hand, whether you have 100 files or 10,000.
    • File request. Tired of hunting down your colleagues and clients for documentation? Request files through Glasscubes once and get back to more important work.
    • Advanced security protocols. From user permissions to encryption to authentication measures, we employ a host of methods to keep your documents secure.

    Glasscubes Free Trial

    If you want to learn more about the above secure online storage capabilities before starting your trial, keep reading. The items below will showcase the value our collaboration solution has to offer.

    5 Secure Online Storage Features

    1. File Sharing

    No secure online storage solution is complete without an easy, secure way to share files with teammates and clients alike. You can store any file type, from PDFs to images to Word documents. Once uploaded, files are automatically version-controlled, so your team will always be working on the most up-to-date version.

    Secure online storage - File sharing - Glasscubes

    2. Approval Workflows

    Important documents often require sign-offs from a manager or client. You can set up read requests for confirmation that employees viewed, for example, new company policies. There are also approval requests for when you need, say, your boss to sign off on an important file before it goes to the client.

    Secure online storage - Approval workflows - Glasscubes

    3. Searchability

    The last thing you want for yourself or your team is to spend time trying to find information to get work done. Glasscubes’ powerful search feature not only looks for document titles and labels that match your query—it also dives into document content. This way, in situations where you can’t recall the document title, you can search for what you do recall is included in a given document.

    Secure online storage - Searchability - Glasscubes

    4. File Request

    If you regularly collaborate with coworkers, clients, or vendors, you’re probably used to requesting documentation from them to complete your own work. Instead of spending time hunting down these documents from each party, simply send them a file request with everything you need. You can include notes in the request, and the recipient can pose questions in the comment thread before uploading them to the encrypted online storage. The feature even does automatic follow-ups if it doesn’t receive the requested files.

    Secure online storage - File request - Glasscubes

    5. Advanced Security Protocols

    Underpinning all the above features (and more) is Glasscubes’ multi-pronged approach to security. Once data reaches our servers, they are immediately synchronised and distributed across a minimum of three different physical locations within the UK. In addition, access to our solution uses the highest level of SSL encryption to ensure the transfer of your data is secure between you and our servers. We even encrypt all data at rest.

    In addition, take advantage of user-level access features. You control who has access to what data, whether based on role or individual file and folder permissions. There’s also built-in auditability—all actions taken by employees within our solution are trackable.

    Secure online storage - Advanced security protocols- Glasscubes

    Start using our 4.8-star rated secure online storage today.

    Trustpilot users give Glasscubes a 4.8-star rating. It’s more than just encrypted document storage—Glasscubes is a robust collaboration solution that ensures your entire organisation is able to stay connected internally and externally, regardless of industry or workforce size. Plus, it gives you the tools to keep everyone on track towards success.

    Join numerous happy customers who are using Glasscubes to store and share files securely, manage projects, and add efficiency to their organisation. Start your free trial today.