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The name Glasscubes evolved from our vision of creating a tool that enabled its users to gain visibility on activity and information outside of their ‘Cube’ - whether that cube is a desk, a cubical, the office, the floor or even a building.

All too often individuals and groups become isolated; our goal is to give them back the visibility they have lost - hence glass cubes; see and be seen, through the 'Cubes' of your organisation. Glasscubes is a tool that enables management to see who’s making a difference and for users to be recognised for their hard work and ideas.

Our customers are closely involved in the development of our products. They have direct access to our development forum; a dedicated area which promotes and encourages user feedback, discussion and suggestions. Each of our 50,000 customers, in over 100 countries can recommend, vote and comment on ideas.

Their data is securely hosted with AWS, the world’s largest global cloud infrastructure. It’s designed to deliver 99.999999999% durability, and stores data for millions of applications used by market leaders in every industry. All data is immediately synchronised and then distributed across a minimum of three different physical locations. They are miles apart, but all located within the UK.

Glasscubes has a refreshing approach towards support – it’s simple; call us. Our Customer Service Centre is based here in Buckinghamshire in the UK.  New users particularly like the facility to just call and ask for help. This is contrarian to many large companies that now hide behind their websites and phone voice menus.

Glasscubes has been helping people collaborate since 2008 – with head offices in London, we work with customers from a variety of industries and enjoy helping them solve their individual challenges.

We’re obsessed with making groups work better together!


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Glasscubes main focus is collaboration, however it has strong project management features that will help you run any project on time and with ease.

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