Are you frustrated by clients that don't send
the information you need, on time?

Glasscubes is a simple tool for busy accountants
that gets responses in half the time

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If this sounds familiar, you need Glasscubes

It’s frustrating having to constantly chase clients for outstanding information.
My workload backs up when clients don’t send the information I need.
Information is sent to me in a piecemeal fashion, it’s impossible to keep everything together.
I have zero visibility over the client information I’ve requested, and what’s overdue.
I feel like my clients could do more to help me, help them.
It’s stressful when there’s a deadline to hit but I haven’t received the information I need.
When a team member is on holiday, or off sick, it’s not obvious where they left off.

Glasscubes saves busy accounting professionals time and effort by gathering their client’s information more efficiently

"Our users, and most importantly, our clients, like the functionality, interface, and have seamlessly adopted the platform. Glasscubes is a cost-effective solution, with a user friendly interface, and responsive support."

Patrick Angland - Applications Analyst at Mintz

There's a smarter way that avoids work backing up


Save time using automated reminders that chase clients for outstanding items.



Real-time reporting allows you to monitor the progress of your client requests, so you’re in control.


Keep communication contained and organised, making it quick and easy to locate.



Process information as it’s received, ahead of the whole response being submitted


Provide clients with a convenient way of delegating requests to others


Firms doing great things with Glasscubes

A smarter, faster way of gathering client information than by email.

So, what’s the problem with email?

Email doesn’t chase late or missing items for you.
Information is returned in multiple email threads.
It’s too easy to send information to the wrong person by mistake.
There’s no visibility of whether emails have had a response or not.
Finding specific information in mountains of email is time consuming.
There is a limit to the quantity, or size, of files that can be sent.

Better for you

  • Automated reminders that’ll save you significant amounts of time.
  • A tool that enforces a full and comprehensive response.
  • Responses cannot get misplaced, or missed, in a busy inbox.
  • It’s easy to delegate responses to other members of your team.
  • A real time, visual progress report, that puts you in control.
  • No more hunting for information, everything in one place.

Better for clients

  • An organised list that’s easy to complete.
  • A secure channel to communicate with you and your team.
  • Eliminate the possibility of sending information to the wrong person.
  • Secure, encrypted, and GDPR complaint, for peace of mind.
  • Easily delegate items for others to contribute.
  • As simple and convenient to use as email.

Firms that adopt Glasscubes have experienced:

38% 50% 2
Increase in responses to client requests for information Reduction in response time receiving client information Hours of internal time saving per client request

Monthly subscription

Glasscubes is an easy-to-use tool, for busy accounting professionals, who want an efficient way of gathering client information, to keep their work moving forward.

  • Automated reminders that get a response.
  • Realtime visibility across all clients.
  • Unlimited client requests.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • No limit on file size.
  • Dedicated on-boarding assistance.
  • Telephone support.
  • No annual commitment.

Quick to setup - Simple and intuitive to use - No training required.


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