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Glasscubes is a simple tool for busy accounting firms who want to save hundreds of man-hours and provide a better client experience.

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If this sounds familiar, you need Glasscubes

It’s frustrating having to constantly chase clients for outstanding information.
My workload backs up when clients don’t send the information I need.
Information is sent to us in a piecemeal fashion and often to more than one team member.
Inadequate reporting impedes the ability to effectively monitor progress across all client requests.
Missed communications, duplicated requests, lack of visibility, and unclear status updates are all too common.
We request information using our client portal, but clients often won't engage with it, and just revert to email
It's a struggle to hand over work when we have other team members that are unavailable.

Glasscubes gathers client information more efficiently, it is streamlined, organised, and progress is visible, resulting in a reduction of manual overhead.

Prior to using Glasscubes, our whole team was involved in contacting our clients, multiple times a year to request their records. We started using Glasscubes this tax year and to date it has saved us around 288 hours of resource, allowing our staff to proceed with the actual work. Will definitely be using again in future years.

Sophie Montgomery - TaxAssist Accountants

Gain the advantage with an information request tool that is as easy to use as email.


Move your workload forward faster with automated reminders that chase clients for outstanding items. This not only frees up a substantial amount of time for you and your team but also encourages clients to send their information earlier.

We're getting quicker responses from clients by asking for information via Glasscubes rather than what we used to do via emails. I would definitely recommend the use of Glasscubes.

Steve Baxter
Audit and Accounts Manager, MGI Midgley Snelling

So not only is it creating efficiencies, it's allowing us to deliver a better service by meeting that client demand. We can now focus on what our clients really pay for, which is our advice, which adds value to them.

Chris Potts
Corporate Finance Director, PKF Francis Clark


Real-time reporting and tracking empowers you and your team to oversee the advancement of all client information requests. The efficiencies this produces allows everyone to focus on higher value activities.

Auto-channelled Communication

Glasscubes automatically keeps all your client’s responses and queries together, along with the original request – no matter which team member responds. Save significant amounts of time and reduce the risk of overlooked communication, duplicate client requests, or the use of wrong information, which could lead to extended turnaround times, or in the worst case, fines.

I am using this to coordinate with the accounting firm for our annual audit, so far i have found this very interactive and with notification features, it keeps me on track with my outstanding tasks. I will highly recommend this.

Shazia Rana
Financial controller, Aberdeen Science Centre

Glasscubes it's really slotted into our audit process and it's been of great benefit to us and to our clients as well I think Glasscubes really acts as a focal point for the audit, helping with the provision of information as well as setting out a clear timeline at the outset.

Philip Mowat
Audit Sennior Manageer, Johnston & Carmichael

Tracking and Convenience

Leverage real-time tracking and automatic status updates for individual items within large information requests, such as audit. This allows you move forward and process items as they arrive, ahead of the entire response being received.

Firms that adopt Glasscubes have experienced:

38% 50% 2
Increase in responses to client requests for information Reduction in response time receiving client information Hours of internal time saving per client request

A smarter, faster way of gathering client information than by email.

So, what’s the problem with email?

Email doesn’t chase late or missing items for you.
Information is returned in multiple email threads.
It’s too easy to send information to the wrong person by mistake.
There’s no visibility of whether emails have had a response or not.
Finding specific information in mountains of email is time consuming.
There is a limit to the quantity, or size, of files that can be sent.

Better for you

  • Automated reminders that’ll save you significant amounts of time.
  • A tool that enforces a full and comprehensive response.
  • Responses cannot get misplaced, or missed, in a busy inbox.
  • It’s easy to delegate responses to other members of your team.
  • A real time, visual progress report, that puts you in control.
  • No more hunting for information, everything in one place.

Better for clients

  • An organised list that’s easy to complete.
  • A secure channel to communicate with you and your team.
  • Eliminate the possibility of sending information to the wrong person.
  • Secure, encrypted, and GDPR compliant, for peace of mind.
  • Easily delegate items for others to contribute.
  • As simple and convenient to use as email.

Firms doing great things with Glasscubes

Monthly subscription

Glasscubes is an easy-to-use tool, for busy accounting professionals, who want an efficient way of gathering client information, to keep their work moving forward.

  • Automated reminders that get a response.
  • Realtime visibility across all clients.
  • Unlimited client requests.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • No limit on or file sharing.
  • Dedicated on-boarding assistance.
  • Telephone support.
  • No annual commitment.

Quick to setup - Simple and intuitive to use - No training required.


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