Avoid the Audit chaos.
Request, gather, and process audits effortlessly.

Glasscubes is a simple tool for audit and accounting, streamlining the collection of client information. It ensures clients consistency and punctuality while providing your team with clarity and time savings.

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As the volume and complexity of audit data grows, accounting professionals are struggling with email. It is inadequate when trying to manage the demanding flow of information between the audit team and clients.

If this sounds familiar, you need Glasscubes

The effort required to constantly chase clients for outstanding information is unending.
Delays from clients cause bottlenecks, workload backs up, and resource management becomes an issue.
Information is sent in a piecemeal fashion to different team members, making it impossible to keep everything together.
Missed communications, duplicated requests, lack of visibility, and unclear status updates are all too common.
Deadlines inevitability bring massive stress.

Glasscubes saves busy accounting professionals time and effort by gathering audit information more efficiently.

"We're getting quicker responses from clients and our team like the transparency of having everything in one place. I would I would definitely recommend the use of Glasscubes."

Steve Baxter - Audit & Accounts Manager, MGI Midgley Snelling

Harness the power of an information request tool created for auditing.

Organised Communication

Leave the confusion of endless email threads behind. A structured tool eliminates the nuisances of doubled-up requests or misplaced information. With each interaction neatly archived and accessible, communication becomes a breeze.



Visibility into audit processes puts both the team and clients in a commanding position. Real-time tracking and transparent communication lines ensure that everyone is on the same page, making the process less stressful and more efficient.


Replace the manual, time-consuming chases with smart automated reminders. Automation not only saves time but ensures timely data submission, keeping the workflow smooth and timely.


Firms doing great things with Glasscubes

A smarter, faster way of processing audits than by email.

So, what’s the problem with email?

Information is returned in multiple email threads and across multiple team members.
Time consuming to collate information across the team for any given audit.
There’s no clear visibility of whether emails have had a response or not.
Requests for information are often duplicated by different members of the team.
There is a limit to the quantity, or size, of files that can be sent.
Email doesn’t chase late or missing items for you.

Better for you

  • A tool that enforces a comprehensive and organised response from clients.
  • Automated reminders that will chase clients and save you significant amounts of time.
  • Responses cannot get misplaced, or missed, in a busy inbox across the team.
  • Responses and queries can be handled by other members of your team keeping everyone in the loop.
  • A real-time, visual progress report, enabling you to see clearly outstanding requests or queries clearly.
  • No more hunting for information. All correspondence is contained within each audit request.

Better for clients

  • A well-structured list that makes it clear what is pending and what has queries associated with it.
  • Any queries are dealt with quickly, promoting confidence in your firm and less time involved.
  • As simple and convenient to use as email without the limitations.
  • Secure, encrypted, and GDPR complaint, for peace of mind for your firm and client.
  • No uncomfortable discussions around cost due to information being supplied late

Firms that adopt Glasscubes have experienced:

50% 38% 30%
Reduction in response time receiving client information Increase in responses to client requests for information Increase in enjoyment :-)

Monthly subscription

Glasscubes is an easy-to-use tool, for busy accounting professionals, who want an efficient way of gathering client information, to keep their work moving forward.

  • Automated reminders that get a response.
  • Realtime visibility across all clients.
  • Unlimited client requests.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • No limit on file size.
  • Dedicated on-boarding assistance.
  • Telephone support.
  • No annual commitment.

Quick to setup - Simple and intuitive to use - No training required.


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