Secure file sharing for accountants made easy.

Stop wasting time with email attachments and file transfer services. Glasscubes makes sending, receiving, and retrieving documents—internally and externally—a snap. Request and send financial files individually or in bulk. Store related documents in one place. Keep document-related discussions together. And do it all knowing your files are safe and secure.

Best of all—no complicated tech for your team or your clients to tackle!

See why Glasscubes is considered among the best (and easiest!) secure file sharing solutions for accountants available.

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Done with your disorganized document system? Make life easier with Glasscubes, a leading secure document sharing portal.

Request and receive files, all in one place.

Request and receive files securely from your client and have everything in one place.

Still using lengthy email threads to request financial records? This outdated method of collecting information wastes time and makes it nearly impossible to see the status of document collection quickly.

Glasscubes makes file sharing fast and easy. Simply send your clients secure links via email to their unique file request portals where they can upload all the required tax documents. (You can even create and send multiple information requests at once!) Clients can upload files and folders in bulk into the online cloud storage platform.

Happily, once you make your request, there’s no follow-up on your part—simply set the system to automatically follow up with clients until all items are in. You can check progress anytime, at a glance, in the centralized file request portal.

Share documents without worrying about size limitations.

Email providers place limitations on attachment file sizes because those systems weren’t designed to handle the transfer of large volumes of data. Even some popular file transfer solutions have limits regarding file sizes and monthly transfers.

Glasscubes doesn’t place any restrictions on the size or quantity of files you can request—yep, that means unlimited file requests, unlimited sharing of files, and unlimited file sizes. And you can store any file type, from PDFs to images to Word documents. A bonus: No need to print all those hefty documents because they can all be previewed online.

Share documents securely without worrying about file size.

Find the files you need quickly.

Find the files you need quickly in our secure file sharing software.

The last thing you want for yourself or your team is to spend time trying to find information to get work done.

With Glasscubes you have a centralized “hub” of information, making it simple for users to find what they need. Its powerful search engine not only looks for document titles that match your query, but also dives into document content. This way, in situations where you can’t recall the document title, you can still conduct a successful search based on file contents.

Glasscubes also has a unique content labeling feature that makes it easy to pull dispersed files of one particular category together (for example, audit workpapers across clients).

See all client conversations in context, in line with their files.

Your team reviews and shares dozens of files every day. No doubt you’re familiar with the headache of replying to long email chains that quickly split off into multiple topics.

In the Glasscubes file request portal, each checklist item has its own chat window for discussion. So whether it’s been a day or a month since the last message, your team—and your clients—can easily refer back to any conversation. Users can converse with one another while exchanging files, allowing contextual discussion to flow easily.

A centralized conversation portal saves time, calls attention to important communication threads, and avoids duplicate client requests.

See all client conversations in content, next to secure files.

Manage approval workflows with ease.

Manage approval workflows.

Important documents often require sign-offs from a manager or client, but traditional approval processes tend to be slow and tedious.

Glasscubes eliminates all the miscommunication and delays associated with sign-offs, and makes approvals effortless.

Our automated workflow feature allows you to route documents to the appropriate parties (as many as you need!) and request the necessary approvals. The workflow automatically moves information to the next responsible party as soon as the current one signs off. You can also add deadlines, leave room for feedback, and ask for acknowledgement that files have been received and read. (Particularly useful for auditing and compliance purposes!)

Protect your documents without the hassle.

Security is great… until you have to jump through multiple hoops to gain access to your portal. That’s when your clients start searching for a workaround, or revert back to their old ways.

Your clients will love Glasscubes because we make it easy to share financial documents securely. In fact, they can access their unique file space directly from a secure link in their email without having to enter a password.

Plus, you can rest easy knowing that all document submissions are encrypted, securely transferred into your workspace, scanned for viruses, and immediately backed up. Once the data reaches our servers, it is immediately synchronized and distributed across a minimum of three different physical locations. In addition, access to our solution uses the highest level of SSL encryption to ensure the transfer of your data is secure between you and our servers. We even encrypt all data at rest.

Protect your documents without the hassle.

Always have access to the latest version of files.

Always have the latest file versions.

Collaboration is a necessity but it can also be a nightmare. Is that file that landed in your inbox a few days ago still the most recent version—or have changes been made by someone else since it was initially sent?

Every file that’s uploaded to Glasscubes is automatically version controlled so users can be confident they have the latest and most accurate information available to them. It also provides a detailed audit trail of activity to help your team collaborate more effectively.

Firms that adopt Glasscubes have experienced:

38% 50% 2
Increase in responses to client requests for information Reduction in response time receiving client information Hours of internal time saving per client request

Firms doing great things with Glasscubes

File Sharing FAQs

What makes Glasscubes’ file sharing solution better than other alternatives?

Compared to other client portals for accountants, Glasscubes consistently gets high marks from users for its ease of use. Our software reviews frequently reference the platform’s simple navigation and user-friendliness, as well as our exceptional customer support. We also prioritize security in a way that lets you and your clients rest easy and avoid frustration. (Your clients will love our secure, password-free alternative to logging in!)

Is there a limit on the number of file sharing requests I can get with Glasscubes?

No, there is no limit on the number of file sharing requests you can make in any given period.

Is there a limit on the sizes of files I can share with my clients?

Nope, you can share files of any size through Glasscubes, whenever you want!

Is there a limit on the number of files I can store on my Glasscubes account?

Again, no—file sizes are not constricted.

Is there a limit on the amount of storage in the portal?

Share as many files as you want! After all, the success of your accountancy depends on it.

Will my account have my accounting firm’s branding, or Glasscubes?

Your clients are familiar with you, not us, so we’re happy to provide you the option to customize the portal with your organization’s own colors and branding elements. Our Enterprise Edition removes all references to Glasscubes altogether, allowing you to promote the file sharing portal as an extension of your organization's own technology.

How hard is it to get set up on Glasscubes’ file sharing platform?

Like everything else, we make onboarding easy. There’s no training required, and our team does the “heavy lifting” for you on our initial call. On that 30-minute call, we learn about your team composition and workflows, and configure the system to your needs.

We’ll also do a quick run-through of how to make file requests and whatever else you want to know about the portal. Most teams are able to expertly navigate around our portal after this introductory call.

How long of a commitment do I have to make to use Glasscubes’ secure file sharing platform?

Glasscubes is a subscription-based solution with a 30-day free trial. Try it out within the free trial time frame and determine whether it’s a good fit for your firm. If we’re a good match, you can then opt for either a month-to-month commitment or purchase an annual subscription to lower your yearly cost.

What’s my next step?

We’re glad you asked! Go ahead and schedule a free, quick demo of Glasscubes to see how its features can save your accounting team time and headaches.

Monthly subscription

Glasscubes offers secure file sharing for accountants who want a way to streamline client interactions and keep their accounting work moving seamlessly.

  • Automated file request reminders
  • Real-time visibility across all clients
  • Unlimited client requests
  • Unlimited file storage
  • No file size limits
  • Dedicated on-boarding assistance
  • Telephone support
  • No annual commitment

Make life easy with the best file sharing solution for accountants on the market. Try it today!

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