Avoid the yearly personal tax return madness,
send, gather, and process returns effortlessly.

Glasscubes is tool for accounting firms that gathers their client's personal tax information more efficiently, freeing you from that arduous task.

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Collecting personal tax information from clients has never been straight forward. It is a process riddled with inefficiencies, which predominantly hinge on outdated, and manual processes.

If this sounds familiar, you need Glasscubes

The unending pain of constantly chasing clients for outstanding information.
Delays from clients cause bottlenecks, and workload backs up.
Information is sent in a piecemeal fashion, making it impossible to keep everything together.
A lack of comprehensive reporting hampers progress monitoring across all clients
Deadlines inevitability bring massive stress.
It's a struggle to hand over work when we have other team members that are unavailable.

Glasscubes saves busy accounting professionals time and effort by gathering their client’s information more efficiently

"Prior to using Glasscubes, our whole team was involved in contacting our clients, multiple times a year to request their records. We started using Glasscubes this tax year and to date it has saved us around 288 hours of resource, allowing our staff to proceed with the actual work. Will definitely be using again in future years."

Sophie Montgomery - TaxAssist Accountants

There's a smarter way that avoids workload backing up


The bulk distribution of client information requests becomes effortless using automation. Client's tax checklists, or personalised aide-mémoire, are extracted from your practice management system and sent without any manual effort. Automated reminders chase clients, allowing you to focus on higher value activity, while ensuring client’s information is returned well before the deadline. All of which helps alleviate the end of year rush.



Traditional methods of tracking are rendered obsolete with real-time reports, which provide a comprehensive overview, eliminating the need for error-prone manual tracking. A quick glance offers clarity on the status of your client queries, highlighting anything that’s overdue.


Consolidation is the key. Instead of scattered email threads, across multiple team member’s inboxes, a unified tool aligns all communications and queries to the original request. The result is to save you time, minimize redundancy, and ensure transparency across the team.


Firms doing great things with Glasscubes

A smarter, faster way of gathering client information than by email.

So, what’s the problem with email?

Email doesn’t chase late or missing items for you.
Information is returned in multiple email threads and across multiple team members.
Time consuming to collate information across the team for any given tax return.
There’s no clear visibility of whether emails have had a response or not.
Finding specific information in mountains of email is time consuming.
There is a limit to the quantity, or size, of files that can be sent.

Better for you

  • Automated reminders that’ll chase clients save you significant amounts of time.
  • A tool that leads to a full and comprehensive response from clients.
  • Responses cannot get misplaced, or missed, in a busy inbox across the team.
  • It’s easy to delegate responses to other members of your team.
  • A real time, visual progress report, enabling you to see clearly outstanding requests or queries.
  • No more hunting for information. All correspondence is contained within each tax request.

Better for clients

  • No user or passwords needed.
  • An organised list that’s easy to complete.
  • A secure channel to communicate with you and your team.
  • Any queries are dealt with quickly, promoting confidence in your firm.
  • As simple and convenient to use as email but with a professional look and feel.
  • Secure, encrypted, and GDPR complaint, for peace of mind for your firm and client.

Firms that adopt Glasscubes have experienced:

288hrs 50% 38%
Reduced hours of resources needed Reduction in response time receiving client information Increase in responses to client requests for information

Monthly subscription

Glasscubes is an easy-to-use tool, for busy accounting professionals, who want an efficient way of gathering client information, to keep their work moving forward.

  • Automated reminders that get a response.
  • Realtime visibility across all clients.
  • Unlimited client requests.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • No limit on file size.
  • Dedicated on-boarding assistance.
  • Telephone support.
  • No annual commitment.

Quick to setup - Simple and intuitive to use - No training required.


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