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Enterprise Workgroup Team
Bespoke solutions that are customised to requirements Secure and scalable collaboration and content management Quick to deploy, perfect for small project teams
From £120
Monthly Account Fee
Monthly Account Fee
(includes 5 users)
Monthly Account Fee
(includes 5 users)
User fees subject to plan £4 per additional user/month
£4 per additional user/month
Unlimited storage* 500GB storage 10GB storage
Unlimited workspaces Unlimited workspaces 6 workspaces
No limit to file upload size No limit to file upload size 2GB max file upload size
10,000 monthly form submissions 1,000 monthly form submissions 100 monthly form submissions
Collaborative Tools Enhance collaboration by improving the way you share information and communicate as a team.
Secure File Storage Centrally store, retrieve and share files in your own secure area that can be accessed from anywhere.
Document Management Control user access and manage content that is version controlled for guaranteed accuracy.
Task Management An easy way to coordinate projects in a transparent environment that keeps everyone accountable and gets results.
Online Workspaces Create secure online workspaces and invite people to join you so that you can share files, assign tasks, start discussions and organise schedules.
Extranet Portals Branded extranet portals are an extension of your business and make it easy to collaborate with customers, partners and external team members.
Conference Calling Avoid unnecessary meetings, organising a conference call in Glasscubes is quick, simple and free.
Branding We understand the importance of promoting your brand and realise that it should be reflected in everything you do.
Mobile Stay up to date on the go, access your account from any device using our mobile optimised site.
Fully encryptedData is secure and encrypted in transit and at rest.
Forms & WorkflowRequest information using online forms and automate follow up actions.
Workgroup features
Folder Permissions Set different permission levels for users and teams for any files or folders.
Project Management Easily manage complex projects using a Gantt Chart, task dependencies, critical path analysis and milestones.
Team Permissions Easily administer large groups of users by creating teams - quickly assign or change permissions to groups as a whole.
Archive Workspaces Do you have lots of workspaces? Remove and retain unused workspaces that can be quickly reinstated and accessed if required.
Dashboard Customisation Use our simple, built-in editor and easily customise your dashboard. Add your own text, image and quick links.
Enterprise features:
Custom URL The option of a custom URL provides a seamless link to your organisation e.g.
White Labelling Use Glasscubes as an extension of your own organisation's technology. Remove all references to Glasscubes and brand the platform as your own.
Priority Technical Support Priority technical support on a contracted Service Level Agreement.
Configuration Assistance Our Customer Success Team will employ best practice to configure and deploy your service.
Migration Assistance Let us save you time by migrating your existing data in the most efficient possible way.
Dedicated CSM Your dedicated Customer Success Manager helps create and manage your Success Strategy, built around your definition of success.
2-Factor authenticationExtra layer of security.
IP Location LockdownIP Location Lockdown for access to your account.
Open APIA powerful web REST API to develop applications making use of Glasscubes functionality
Single Sign On Allow users to sign in once and improve security Option
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*Subject to fair usage policy.

Fair Usage Policy for Enterprise Subscriptions
We do not restrict the amount of storage that can be used by an Enterprise account. The account fee includes 500GB of storage, plus 50GB of storage per user. Additional storage can be purchased as required.

We bill in GBP. Prices exclude UK VAT if applicable. For further information see billing information


We are here to help, so please ask

  • No credit card required As a part of the sign up process we ask for some basic information, including your name and email address. We will never ask for your credit card details until you are ready to upgrade to a paid account. Try Glasscubes with no obligation to purchase.
  • Accepted methods of payment We accept all major credit and debit cards for payment. We can also accept PayPal or set up a Direct Debit for UK based businesses. If you wish to sign up for an Annual Subscription, we will invoice you on our receipt of your purchase order; please contact us to arrange this.
  • How long is my contract? You choose the length of your commitment when you upgrade to a paid account. Choose between a monthly or annual subscription. See our Terms of Service for full details. If you would prefer a longer contract please contact us.
  • Do you provide invoices/receipts? Yes, you can view and download your invoices for tax and expenses purposes, in the Account section of the Admin Area in your account.
  • I would like to sign up for a long period of time You can choose the billing period when you upgrade your account and enter your credit card details for the first time. If you decide that you want to move from a monthly to an annual subscription, simply contact us to arrange it.
  • How do I get everything out of my account? If you are thinking of closing your account or just want a copy of everything, we provide a backup tool so that you can download all of your files, whenever you want.
  • Are you a charity or not for profit organisation? We like to help out charities and “not for profits” as much as we can - we have many charities already using Glasscubes. Please contact us for special rates and setup.
  • What if I want a feature which isn't listed? We listen to our users and welcome their feedback. So, if there’s something that you want included in Glasscubes, please visit our user feedback forum and we’ll act as quickly as possible to get the feature implemented for you.
  • How safe is my data, contacts and files? Glasscubes has 2048bit encryption over a SSL connection to ensure that your site cannot be hacked. Rest assured that everything within your Glasscubes account is safe. For further information on our infrastructure and how we take security very seriously see Security Overview.

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