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The Best Tech & Marketing Tools for Your SME

on 17 October 2016


Posted by Kevin Senior
Tech and Marketing Tools

Small and medium-sized enterprises need all the tools in their utility belts to optimise efficiency and grow. With a small taskforce the work of every employee is magnified. This being the case it’s vital that each member of a team is not only satisfying their role but excelling in their position. To do this, companies need to be using the best available tools and on the market.


Online Collaboration Software

Most likely your company is already using an online collaborative tool such as Skype or Dropbox. What’s also likely is that you’re using three or four programs to fulfil your company’s needs. Instead of having employees chase down information from one application to the next, consolidate your communication network with an all-in-one program that satisfies all your company’s needs.

Using a single program for real-time messaging, videoconferencing, file sharing/storage, and task management will streamline any business by cutting back on any miscommunication. Utilising the cloud means that you’ll never have to purchase or maintain an internal server for storing data. Working with project management software enables employees to work from anywhere through their new virtual workspace. This means working while at home or preparing for an out of office business meeting is no longer a daunting task.

Wondering whether Microsoft Teams would be a good fit for your organisation? These users’ stories can help you decide.


This trendy acronym stands for search engine optimisation. Its purpose is to boost the visibility of your website through rankings on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bring. If your ecommerce website isn’t on the first results page, it’s wasting away on the dark pages and not receiving the attention it needs to remain a viable enterprise. SEO functions by optimising your website and off-site content, making them as search-engine-friendly as possible in order to achieve better keyword rankings.



Pay-per-click is an inorganic marketing strategy where ecommerce websites bid on keywords to make their ads appear in the search results. It’s not as simple as purchasing a billboard; the placement of your ad is fluid and depends on the keywords you’ve chosen and what the search engine user has queried. Every time a company’s ad is clicked the advertiser pays the search engine a nominal fee. Ideally a minor fee for a click to your website results in a substantial sale, resulting in a favourable ROI.

Expense Management Software

In the small business world, tracking and being aware of where your money is going means everything. Using a software specifically designed to manage software involves submitting, processing, reimbursing, and tracking the expenses of your company. This tool gives administrators the ability to track expense reports, set up a route to approval and enforce financial policies, as well as put forth a monetary plan for a specific project or department.

By equipping your company with the right technology you’re readying your business for long-lasting viability in the modern age.

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Managing Director at Glasscubes. With over 30 years experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries, Kevin brings success to fast growing companies advising on best practices and growth lead technology solutions.
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