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on 9 July 2020

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Posted by Kevin Senior
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Are emails and spreadsheets limiting your team’s productivity?

While these tools were sufficient some years ago, they no longer promote the efficiency and agility that successful teams require.

Exchanging emails with teams, building and maintaining spreadsheets, and searching for files buried in email chains all take time out of your team’s workday. That’s time that your team can be spending on more important tasks, such as completing deliverables faster.

Modern workspace software like Glasscubes gives your organisation the efficiency boost you’ve been looking for. Glasscubes enables you to:

  • Bring all your employees together in one place. Instead of having to deal with multiple tools, your team can use a single collaborative solution to handle the day-to-day workflow. With Glasscubes, you can store and share files, manage tasks, and stay in the loop without having to jump from screen to screen.
  • Deliver projects on time. So many tasks get lost in the cracks when you aren’t properly tracking them. You can use Glasscubes to assign tasks to responsible team members and easily monitor progress toward larger milestones.
  • Capture important knowledge. Emails have their place for certain sensitive information, but much of the communication between teammates is better suited for the whole team to see. Glasscubes’ threaded discussions ensure everyone is kept in the loop about what’s going on.

“We spent a considerable amount of time reviewing various packages and are now delighted we selected Glasscubes,” says Peter Bastin, Technical Director, Lorne Stewart PLC.

Want to see Glasscubes in action? Use this form to request a guided demo from our team.

Not quite prepared to jump in? Keep reading to learn about what you can accomplish with workspace software like Glasscubes.

Workspace software is not only an efficiency booster for teams, but also industry agnostic. This means it can work for virtually any type of organisation, whether you’re in manufacturing, software development, law, or local government. (Tweet this!) You can accomplish so much with workspaces, regardless of your business context. Check out a few key features of our workspace software below, along with reviews from reliable review site Trustpilot.

4 Workspace Software Features You Get With Glasscubes

1. Workspace Customisation

In Glasscubes, you can create two different kinds of workspaces: public and private. Public workspaces are published into a workspace directory where they can be found and joined by anyone within the organisation. Private workspaces can’t be seen without an invite, and members must be granted permission before joining.

Check out this article about brand portals to learn more.

You can create an unlimited number of workspaces, each catering to a unique need or context:

  • Project workspaces. Create workspaces for individual projects, such as one for redesigning a website or onboarding new employees.
  • Departmental workspaces. Create workspaces dedicated to specific departments within your organisation. For example, you can create a workspace for marketing personnel to assign tasks to different team members for market research initiatives.
  • Member directory. Create an online workspace listing all company personnel. Employees can use this directory to learn more about specific people or find people with specific skill sets to help on a project.

“I tried Asana, and it was very limited. I also tried, but it was very complicated to configure. Glasscubes, on the other hand, is intuitive to use. Customising the workspaces is simple and efficient.” [Review edited for clarity.] —Yvonne Franco

“Glasscubes has proven to be extremely beneficial for [our] company... It is very user friendly. […] We have been able to personalise our Glasscubes, and can even send individuals or groups messages and share specific information.” —Linzi

2. File Storage & Sharing

Store and share files securely with anyone you grant access to, including teammates and clients. You can store nearly any type of file—PDFs, images, Word documents, and more. Once uploaded, files are automatically version-controlled, so your team will always be working on the most up-to-date version.

“[Glasscubes is a] great remote file-sharing system. I needed an online platform to share information, communicate, collaborate and manage projects [remotely] or [in the] office. The file versioning is a great tool, making updates for files easier without the need to replace them.” —Mick Wilkinson

“Very easy to set up and use, and easy to upload and download documents. Glasscubes is a great workspace to share files with others in a team or project group. The ability to add comments and to ‘message’ others with links to a file gives it the edge over sharing [via] a Dropbox.” —Ross Maynard

3. Project Management

Whatever size project you’re conquering, Glasscubes’ task management capabilities are there to help. You can easily assign tasks to team members, clients, vendors, or anyone you’ve made a member of the workspace. There’s also a built-in Gantt chart if your project is a bit more complex—use it to help calculate, manage, and monitor project timeframes.

“Glasscubes has been really useful in organising a wide variety of projects into one space, and an excellent communication tool for teams on specific projects.” —Deborah Costello

“After significant research I found [Glasscubes] to be the best solution for my team to share files and collaborate on projects across several different institutions.” —George Storry

4. Security

Glasscubes uses the highest levels of SSL encryption, and data is encrypted in transit and at rest. In addition, all data is distributed across a minimum of three different physical locations across the U.K. for additional protection.

“A very useful and secure platform to organise work across multiple offices around the world.” —Sam

“Easy and effective way to set up an intranet for employees and for secure sharing of data. We are already seeing the benefits of using the site.” —Morven

Get workspace software most Trustpilot users rate as “Excellent.”

Start a 30-day free trial of Glasscubes today to experience its full set of features, an unlimited number of workspaces, and telephone support for when you need help. (Though it’s so easy to set up, we’re betting you won’t.) Start working better as a team today!


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