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Working at Home? 5 Tips to Stay Productive in Remote Teams

on 28 March 2016

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Posted by Kevin Senior
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Ahh the joys of working at home. Up at 8.57am to flick open the laptop, login, say hi to the team, and now that's done you can get down to the serious business of fixing a nice cup of tea and getting yourself a boiled egg and toast soldiers.

But surely this was not the grand vision once held in store for remote teamwork? Slick online project management tools, a smart system for file sharing and virtual office collaboration; and here you are in your slippers and dressing gown trying to wipe Marmite out of your pyjamas.

Yet working from home as part of a remote team has clear and definite advantages. From the business perspective, it broadens the net when in search of talent and can be crucial to lowering staff turnover. Also, bad weather and sore backs are no longer a barrier to a fully functioning team, and a Stanford University study found that productivity increased an average of 13% among people working from home.

Meanwhile, from the perspective of the remote team member, there is no more commuting, a less stressful working environment, a better balance between work and family, and the chance to catch up on some high quality morning television.

So be aware of the potential pitfalls of a lower pressure working environment, and consider some or all of these tips for keeping productive at home.

1. Stick to your hours

Don't be tempted by the allures of a lie-in, resist the urge to practise those tricky guitar chords or have another stab at those unfinished sudokus. Being strict about your schedule is an excellent way to ensure that you maintain intensity and professionalism throughout your working day.

2. Get ready for work

Getting up early enough to give you time to have a breakfast, shower and to change into something appropriate for a relaxed office, all before you are due to start work, will have a positive effect on your attitude and productivity.

3. Have a designated workspace

Set up a permanent fixture for your work area that is comfortable, private and peaceful. As well as giving you a professional space to work in, if you live with others, they should be able to recognise when you are busy at work and avoid distracting you.

4. Avoid distraction traps

If you get easily sucked into morning TV (if this is indeed possible), Facebook or reading the news, try to be objective in recognising your distraction traps and take care to avoid them until your lunch break or after the working day.

5. Organise breaks

Incorporate regular short breaks into your schedule. Having a break while you still feel fresh will help keep you motivated during work time, and is far better than exhausting yourself with Marathon sessions in front of the laptop that increase stress, affect your ability to concentrate properly, and over a short amount of time may prove counterproductive.

Working as part of a remote team has fantastic benefits for businesses and team members, so keep productive and get the most out of your opportunity to work at home.

Looking to help your team get more work done without putting in more hours? These nine tips are a great place to start.


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