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How to Be a Remote Worker, Part 2

on 31 May 2017


Posted by Kevin Senior
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As a remote worker, you’ll have more freedom, comfort and calm than could ever be hoped for in a traditional, non-virtual office. Online collaboration software allows for fluid, ongoing lines of communication between you and the rest of the team. Nevertheless, any worker, no matter where or who they are, needs a full appreciation of what, when and how they work in order to maximise their offering.

Remote working can increase productivity, creativity and ingenuity, but remote work is not a walk in the park (unless, of course, it is). The Glasscubes solution to team collaboration provides a framework for successful interaction, teamwork and creativity. However, if you are truly going to succeed, then you will do so because of you.

Here’s our Part 2 (haven't read Part 1) on getting the most out of yourself as a remote worker, where we focus on structure, organisation and setting a few ground rules:

Be You

Working remotely and alone allows you to be you, how you like to dress, when you take breaks or have lunch etc, but be careful that this fits in with the dynamic that is your role – have some fluidity and adapt to each day, whilst working through your tasks.


We all have a to do list, and each day may well start with a new one, but sometimes it is good to remember what not to do – the shopping, cleaning etc. even though the temptation may be there. Anyone can get distracted, even when working at home, so if necessary set down a few handy ground rules about when you should and should do other tasks, and on when you can and cannot look at your social media accounts or preferred online source for news or entertainment.


Your team collaboration software will help your focus, with tasks, work, information exchange etc. but work in bursts, taking a break to maintain a high level of focus throughout the day.

Plan and Process

Again, project collaboration software will help you plan the next step in the process, whilst keeping you focused on your current task. Do not however avoid planning, as this can lead to wasted time dwelling on something that has been completed and not moving onto the next task at hand. Be guided, but not governed. The processes will again be set out better through collaboration with your team.

See And Be Seen

Not in the sense of being seen to be actually doing something, but share, through the software, what you have done, as you have done it. Likewise, look at what others are doing. The whole point of team collaboration software is that you are a team, just not one that sits together. You may be scattered across the globe, but at all times you can see what is being done, where the project is headed, and which areas still require focus. You must therefore use the software as it is designed to be used and fully jump on board with the processes.

Hours and Time

Set yourself fixed work hours. Just because your office is in your house, should not mean that you are always working – you are not. Closing your working day down properly will always mean that a line is drawn and that day is marked off. Of course, in emergencies it is great to already be at the office for a tight schedule or deadline, but be careful that the boundaries are not blurred regularly. You wouldn’t be in the office at 1am so why are you working still?!


Identify your weaknesses and address them, if it is procrastination, then try setting deadlines for decisions – sometimes it is better to act and be wrong, than to not act at all. Your team will be a safety net should you ever feel that you are “alone” in making a decision – you’re not, the other members of the team are available. This is the strength of an effective solution to collaboration.

Worst First

Do not avoid hard work in order to do other work – sometimes we must address the hardest problem before any progress can be made. It also gives a good feeling for the rest of the day if the hard tasks are done early.

Do Meet

All teams can benefit from meeting physically from time to time. Though it be seem hard if you are truly geographically scattered, it can pay dividends as it humanises your colleagues, and humanises you. Where it is possible, attempt to see your fellow team members in person once in a while.

The core strength of any business or organisation is its people. With awareness of what works to get the most out of yourself, respecting your limits as well as your capability, you can offer your employers an optimised version of you, the remote worker – their most valuable asset.


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About this author: Kevin Senior

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