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The practice of law may have remained unchanged for a good many years but the way law firms do business is changing, and changing beyond all recognition. The number one reason... cloud-based technology.


Cloud-based collaboration:
Changing the face of the legal market

Law has always been a collaborative effort involving a range of individuals; lawyers, clients, court officials... to name just a few. That could explain why cloud-based collaboration tools, such as Glasscubes, are changing the face of the legal market.

Whether you need a file sharing solution, virtual data room, client extranet, project workspace or a corporate intranet, Glasscubes is the answer. We help lawyers work smarter, faster and with less effort, regardless of their area of practice.

Moving from traditional methods of communicating to online collaboration is a top priority this year for the biggest law firms. Smaller law firms are also adopting cloud-based technology, transforming the way that they operate in an attempt to gain a competitive advantage.

7 reasons why Glasscubes is being widely adopted by Law Firms.

Easily share and manage documents


Contracts, legal briefs, forms, letters and other legal documents are the lifeblood of the legal world. They must be handled sensitively but they also need to be available to everyone who needs to review or work on them, including clients and lawyers/employees from other practices.

Glasscubes makes storing, sharing and collaborating on documents, whatever the size - simple. The quantity and size of documents that need to be shared is often beyond the capability of email. This leaves lawyers with no alternative but to use unsecure, time-consuming methods of distribution, such as burning files to CD, USB sticks or unauthorised file sharing services.

Glasscubes provides your users with secure access to documents but in a permission-based environment that's controlled by you. It also incorporates powerful document management functionality, like version control, approval workflow and content auditing.

Your data is secure and backed up

Using email may be popular but as a method of distributing legal documents it’s far from secure. Glasscubes uses SSL encryption to ensure your data is secure. We are Government-approved and accredited by UKAS with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification.

Unlike many file storage services such as Drop Box and Google Drive, Glasscubes’ servers reside inside the EU and therefore satisfy the data protection guidelines as set out by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority.

For additional peace of mind all of your data is mirrored instantly, with backups transferred to our secondary data centre that’s in a different location, every 24 hours.

It simplifies legal project management

Today’s complex legal cases need project management, Glasscubes simplifies this by providing a transparent environment that keeps everyone accountable – leaving you with more time to concentrate on your case.

Assign tasks to yourself and other members of your team, then check them off when they’re completed. Each member of your team can see the whole task list, so everybody knows who’s working on what and when.

Calculating the time and costs associated with a project is a necessity for accurate, external charging. Glasscubes makes it easy for you to estimate and then report on the actual time that’s spent on your project.

Helps reduce wasted time


After years of recession, clients are demanding greater cost efficiencies. Glasscubes can help you do just that by reducing the amount of time you waste searching for documents that have gone astray, looking for specific document versions or tracking who has responded to an important email or notification.

With Glasscubes you create a central ‘go-to’ information repository, everything that’s relevant is in one place and uncluttered, including documents (all versions), discussions, tasks, calendars and billing records.

Supports remote and flexible working

Law firms are changing their outlook on flexible working and are now recruiting more lawyers to work flexibly – including those who have family responsibilities, who don’t want to work full time. Firms that adopt flexible working are also more likely to attract talent because of the improved work-life balance that it offers.

In addition to this, there are now thousands of lawyers that are connecting with their clients primarily – or even exclusively – in the virtual world; taking full advantage of the time and cost saving benefits that are associated with remote working.

The beauty of Glasscubes is that it doesn’t matter where you are - at the office, at home, with your client in Starbucks, on the train or even on another continent.

No training required

It’s easy to set up an online collaborative workspace with Glasscubes. There’s no need for an IT expert or any additional IT equipment. In fact, all you need is a web browser and an internet connection.

You can set a workspace up in minutes and even brand it using your own business logo, colours and imagery. When your team members and clients log in, the welcome screen promotes you and your business, not ours.

It helps reduce costs


Collaborative tools for lawyers are key to success in the legal world. If cost management is a priority, you’ll be pleased to hear that Glasscubes doesn’t cost the earth – despite the range of communication and collaboration tools that it offers.

The Glasscubes monthly subscription fee is based on the number of people using the software and scales with demand; choose the Edition that’s right for you and use our Price Calculator to find out how little it would cost your firm. There’s no annual commitment or upfront capital expenditure required.

To arrange an online demonstration of Glasscubes or to find out how we could help your firm to work in a more productive way, please contact us.

Teams doing great things with Glasscubes

..Impressed with Glasscubes..

Michael Sharp IT Helpdesk Manager
JMW Solicitors LLP

“ As a full-service law firm, JMW holds large volumes of data concerning matters which may be private, confidential or otherwise sensitive. Both information security and data protection are therefore paramount. With these priorities in mind, we set about finding a solution designed to achieve outcomes beyond compliance with data protection legislation and our professional rules. Our selection criteria included ISO27001 accreditation and SSL encryption as a minimum.

Other considerations included efficiency and accessibility for our staff: we had been aware for some time that traditional, paper-based methods of working incur greater administration costs, but we were keen to ensure that any new system was intuitive and enabled our staff to work more productively and efficiently.

Overall we were impressed with Glasscubes and selected the platform because it fulfilled all of our criteria. Thanks to Glasscubes, JMW now operates with a secure and professional-looking sharing facility which can be used to collaborate with our client and others.”


We'll help you work smarter, faster, and with less effort.