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The best alternative to Huddle

on 3 April 2014


Posted by Wayne Pope

Glasscubes is for businesses with more sense than money. Our customers pay at least 80% less than Huddle customers. And, if for any reason a project comes to an end halfway through the year and you need to scale back – it’s not a problem; remember no annual contract. Read more

Do you want more for less?

It’s safe to say that no two collaboration platforms are identical, however Glasscubes does have most of the features that Huddle does and some that it doesn’t. When you start using Glasscubes you won’t be reviewing a cut down demo version, with time limited functionality. You’ll be getting the full product with unlimited workspaces and up to 10GB file size uploads. Check out our Glasscubes/Huddle feature comparison chart.

Sometimes you’ll want to securely share files and folders with people that don’t have access to your account - no problem. You might also want to customise your dashboard - you can of course do that too.

Huddle users might also enjoy our built in contact directory, with customisable CRM extensions. You can attach email correspondence to contacts, assign tasks, create opportunities and track support issues.

Glasscubes is the platform you need, without the overhead or long term commitment you don’t. You’ll love the peace of mind that Glasscubes offers.

Do you get the support you deserve?

Glasscubes has a refreshing approach towards customer support – it’s simple; call us. Unlike Huddle, we don’t reserve telephone support for customers who pay us the most. For customers that prefer to communicate electronically, we provide an online chat facility that’s accessed directly from your account.

Security you can rely on

We understand that none of the above matters unless you trust that your data is safe. Your data is stored in our ISO27001 certified data centre, based in the heart of London’s financial district. With over 20 data centres across Europe, the London facility is the data centre of choice for trading exchanges and financial platforms, having the highest power uptime reputation in London.

All of your data is backed up instantly and access to our service uses a 2048 bit encryption to ensure the transfer of data is secure between you and our servers. Click here for more security information.


About this author: Wayne Pope

Technical Director at Glasscubes. With over 30 years experience in the online software industry, Wayne brings an in depth technical expertise in collaborative tools, technology, and best practices.
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