We Take Security Very Seriously


Security Management

Glasscubes is accredited by UKAS with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification and by IASME Consortium with the Cyber Essentials certification. These accreditations demonstrate our commitment to the continual improvement of our security management systems.

We understand that the security of our customer’s data is critical and this continues to be our number one priority. It is our hope that these accreditations will provide our customers and stakeholders further confidence on our ability to manage risk. It allows for secure exchange of information, while also ensuring that we meet our legal obligations.

Glasscubes is commited to building a culture of security that manages and minimises our exposure to risk, to protect our customers, company and shareholders.

Technology and physical security

We leverage some of the best technologies available in the industry today, which we combine with highly skilled engineers to deliver outstanding results. We provide our customers with a secure, resilient and flexible solution using our state of the art high performance cloud platform.

By leveraging the latest cloud technologies, such as the SmartOS Hypervisor, Dell cloud servers, and Juniper switch fabrics, we can deliver rapid scalability, improved reliability and decreased time to deployment, with no compromise to security or performance.

A Data Centre You Can Trust

We operate out of Interxion at London Liverpool Street, a premium data centre in the heart of London’s financial district. Interxion operate over 20 data centres across Europe, their London facility is the data centre of choice for trading exchanges and financial platforms, having the highest power uptime reputation in London.

Interxion provide us with A+B power feeds, ensuring there are two power sockets in each of our racks that are diversely routed through the data centre to separate UPS rooms and separate diesel generators. As all our equipment (including our network switches) has dual PSUs, this ensures that each server has two completely isolated and secure power feeds. Not only does this protect us from power failures, but also from the failure of a PDU, power distribution cable, UPS or diesel generator.

Backups, Security and Peace of Mind

Glasscubes has unparalleled data security features. We leverage ZFS to provide hourly file system snapshots of our servers, which we keep for 24 hours. Should a file be accidentally lost or a software installation go wrong we can restore files or rollback the server state to the last snapshot, which may be just minutes old.

Further, we have 30 days’ worth of backups offsite at ‘The Bunker’, a secure underground facility in Kent, UK. The Bunker, Interxion and Glasscubes are all ISO27001 certified for information security, as well as providing state of the art physical security measures. 

Access to our service uses the highest level of SSL encryption to ensure that the transfer of your data is secure between you and our servers, we also offer the option to encrypt your data a rest using AES.


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