Glasscubes Vs SharePoint

More and more organisations are actively searching for a SharePoint alternative. Glasscubes offers the same high-level collaborative functionality that SharePoint does – and some that it doesn’t – but for a fraction of the cost.

Why Glasscubes offers the best alternative to SharePoint

Glasscubes is a world apart from the overly complex and cost-inefficient SharePoint. Increasingly, small to mid-sized businesses and teams are looking at an alternative to SharePoint and view Glasscubes as the best option out there. Here's why:

It’s inexpensive with minimal commitment

Pay as you go, a solution that's as flexible as you need it to be, allowing you to scale up and down as your requirements dictate. The software-as-a-service approach allows Glasscubes users to access their data over the internet for a small monthly fee without any need for internal support.

Setup is effortless and free

This alternative to SharePoint is an intuitive platform that can be easily setup and configured by non-technical administrators and requires no end-user training. This degree of clarity and ease of use is one of the main differentiators between the Glasscubes and SharePoint experience.

It’s a breeze for IT

There’s no setup, maintenance or support required. Glasscubes is ready to go – users are invited to the platform and can gain access to the complete service in seconds.

Users love Glasscubes

Implementing, using and running Glasscubes is quick, friendly and painless. Furthermore, our customer support is truly world-class – it’s simple, call us – unlike Microsoft, we don’t charge for telephone support. Also, we provide an online chat facility that’s accessed directly from your account.

Security you can rely on

We understand that none of this matters unless you can trust that your data is safe. Your data is stored in our ISO27001 certified data centre, based in the heart of London’s financial district. With over 20 data centres across Europe, the London facility is the data centre of choice for trading exchanges and financial platforms, having the highest power uptime reputation in London.

"We recently switched from a web-based SharePoint system to Glasscubes. The demo was very useful and the set up was very straightforward. We have now completed the migration across and having been using it for a couple of weeks, we are all very impressed."

Managing Director, MWB Consutling

Why are businesses looking for alternatives to SharePoint?

Despite its success as a product from a Shareholder perspective, the various technologies that comprise Microsoft's offering have left many of its user’s cold and seeking alternatives to SharePoint. Here's why:

It's too expensive

The setup costs are staggering and the total cost of ownership is much higher than just the annual SharePoint licence costs; see the infographic below. Typically, an organisation will have to invest 8 times the cost of their licence for the full implementation of SharePoint, which will include many hidden costs, such as substantial outlays for hardware, third-party software, customisations, specialist consulting and on-going technical support.

It’s too complicated

Although SharePoint is a powerful platform, it’s often wasted as its complexity frequently means that many of its features are found to be tricky and, as such, are never implemented or used. Multiple servers are required and it struggles across alternative devices.

Users don’t like it

It’s not easy to navigate around and its inherent sophistication often results in slow adoption and low user engagement. It's often described as glitchy and slow, with many users finding that they need to become 'SharePoint experts' in order to fully benefit from the software.

It’s an IT headache

Highly trained implementers, administrators and technical support staff are required to deploy and run it. For SharePoint to work properly, all of its associated technologies must be running perfectly. Any misconfiguration, glitch or failure in any of these components can cause SharePoint to fail.

A suite of tools that offer sensible SharePoint alternatives

SharePoint, designed for big businesses with thousands of users and huge IT budgets, promises big things.

As part of their Office 365 suite, Microsoft's project management solution is highly visible to millions and millions of potential users – to date its number of licenses stretches to nine figures – and when applied correctly it is an extremely powerful tool, however all too often it fails to live up to its promises.

So the question remains, is SharePoint the tool that your business needs, and what are the best SharePoint Alternatives?

Glasscubes is a smart, user-friendly online collaboration platform for project management. Our cloud-based software is extremely simple to set up and get started, we make interacting and exchanging files straightforward and intuitive, and our data security is second to none.

Open a free trial account with Glasscubes and start benefitting from our fantastic customer support, online workspaces and project management tools today. We offer a range of SharePoint alternatives, all within one suite of services.

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