The user-friendly SharePoint alternative

Are you fed up with SharePoint being excessively complicated and hard to use? Glasscubes costs less, is simple to set-up and quick to deploy. It’s easy to use, requires no training and our customer helpline provides immediate telephone support, which we know you’ll love!

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If this sounds familiar, you need Glasscubes

SharePoint is confusing and complex to configure.
Although it's highly customisable it's impossible to do the simplest things.
Managing files and permissions is difficult to understand.
Inviting people from outside my organisation can be a struggle.
Version control is hard to manage, which leads to important documents being overwritten or deleted.
SharePoint is expensive and not user-friendly.
Getting any kind of useful support is difficult and often involves IT teams and opening cases with Microsoft.

Glasscubes provides an alternative to SharePoint but in a clear simple layout that's easy to use, and administer.

"Our users, and most importantly, our clients, like the functionality, interface, and have seamlessly adopted the platform. Glasscubes is a cost-effective solution, with a user friendly interface, and responsive support."

Patrick Angland - Applications Analyst at Mintz

How we make life easier for you.

Connecting people

It’s not straightforward using SharePoint to collaborate with people outside of your organisation. With Glasscubes however, external people can be invited in seconds - it’s that simple.


Best in class file and document management

Free yourself from the pain of managing and finding files in SharePoint. Glasscubes offers a powerful suite of document management tools, including automatic version control, file approval, simple to manage permissions, and more. It’s the ideal platform for managing and sharing documents.

Collaboration at its core

Glasscubes is the easiest way to collaborate with other people and parties. Social feeds, @mentioning, tasks, and workflows, all help users communicate and work better together.


Have it your way

We understand the importance of promoting your brand and realise that it should be reflected in everything you do. We make it easy to customise your account, workspaces, and communications to promote yourself (rather than us).

"A significant aspect of the decision to go with Glasscubes was the level of personal support offered. So often this vaporises as soon as the purchase is made, but not so with Glasscubes"

Tim Burns // Service Redesign Lead at NHS Wiltshire CCG

Your journey to better collaboration

You're in control - Create a new 'workspace' with a click of a button, then add the features you want by simply selecting checkboxes. There’s no need to involve IT or open cases to get something done.

Invite people - Simply add the email addresses of the people you want to work with, regardless of whether they are from inside or outside of your organisation. You can even specify different permissions, such as read-only, if you need to, and they are added instantly.

Effortlessly upload - Just drag and drop files or folders to instantly upload them. Files are automatically version controlled (no need to worry about overwriting anything). Create a folder structure and add labels, so that everything is organised perfectly.

Collaborate and share - Start discussions, post announcements, and collaborate as a group. We have all the features you need. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, which means no training required.

Not sure about something? - Simply pop up a chat window, or call, to speak to one of our Customer Success Team. We are happy to give you guidance, answer questions, or address any concerns. We’re here to help, it's all part of the service.


Firms that use Glasscubes experience a best-in-class alternative to SharePoint. Simple to use and configure with exceptional support. Let us show you. Book your quick demonstration with a Product Specialist now.


Monthly subscriptions start at: £30 per month - plus £4 per user per month

  • Realtime reporting.
  • Unlimited workspaces.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • No limit on file size.
  • Dedicated on-boarding assistance.
  • Telephone support.
  • No annual commitment.

Quick to setup - Simple and intuitive to use - No training required.