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Officexit, The Remote Working Referendum

on 11 July 2016


Posted by Kevin Senior

The campaigns for and against an Officexit centre themselves around the key issues of practicality, efficiency and communication. In the Officexit camp, there are the workers and management progressives, and in the Office Remain camp, the traditionalists and business owners.

Those business owners are keen to see hard evidence of office work in the form of punctuality, occupied desks and chairs, studious concentration and, in general, a quiet but busy working atmosphere. They fear that with Officexit their teams’ ability to communicate effectively and work together will be irreparably harmed and, let off the leash, those teams will soon be made up of individuals lounging around at home in their underwear rather than furiously earning their money as they should be.

The Office Remain camp is strongly opposed to Officexit because they place value in traditional measures of productivity, namely what they are able to observe whenever they walk about the physical halls, working areas and communal spaces of the workplace. With a remote team in place, those business owners will be blind to the activities of their staff and, unable to exert their charismatic leadership style as before, be forced to trust their teams, making them paranoid and vulnerable; a worrying set of circumstances, indeed.

The Officexit camp sees things differently. Like the old-school business owners, they place great importance on being able to communicate and work as a strong team, but they do not see working remotely as any barrier to this. With the best collaboration software, they see themselves being able to work equally if not more efficiently than before, and feel strongly that the business will benefit as a whole.

They will have access to all the essential office tools with collaboration software that includes features such as document version control and secure cloud storage that means less spending for the business in diverse areas, from office supplies to real estate. They will have a better system for project work communication, and since they will no longer need to commute to the office every day, they will be energised and determined.

As trusted members of an efficient team, they’ll be more incentivised than ever to meet objectives. And, since productivity should not be measured in appearances but in output, they’ll have the opportunity to stay in their underwear all day without it affecting their contribution to the team.

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About this author: Kevin Senior

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