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Is Your Cloud a Thunderstorm or One with a Silver Lining?

on 21 March 2017


Posted by Kevin Senior
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The cloud has been one of the biggest trends in computing. Drop sites and cloud sites seem to be popping up everywhere. Phones, computers, and systems at work appear to offer endless options. Unfortunately, while cloud computing for file sharing and collaboration has many advantages, some sites many have more drawbacks than you think.

Read on to find out what you should be looking for in your cloud computing system. 


The most obvious concern with storing your files online is security. While many cloud systems offer good security, there may still be the potential for hackers. Major cloud service providers are popular targets for those trying to capture confidential information for their personal profit. The cases over the past year or two of large retailers and organisations losing client information to hackers makes it clear that security is still an issue. Often the root of this problem is not with the cloud system, itself, but with the security protocols of individual employees. This is the same problem experienced with companies parking files on servers in their offices. 

Hidden Costs

Access to many cloud systems is now automatically included with the purchase of smartphone and computer hardware. Typically, this starts as a free service. The problem is the fees that may appear after you have already parked files on this system. For personal files, it might be easy to move them if you become aware of upcoming changes in the terms of usages. For companies, trying to suddenly move file storage can cause disruption to your bottom line.

Lack of Integration

Beware of the cloud to nowhere. This is one of the most common issues. Ease of access to cloud storage off the personal computers and phones owned by your employees can lead to files stored in numerous locations. This could result in confidential information being stored inefficiently. Even worse, employee attrition could also cause you to suddenly lose files the employees had stored on their personal devices.

Isolated Functionality

There is nothing quite like loading up a new bit of technology, only to find it doesn’t work with the rest of your business. Much like the pain of a new kitchen gadget that sounds good, looks great, and takes more time to set up than doing things the old-fashioned way. Let’s be honest, if you need to measure, chop, sauté, and mix before putting food in the gadget and then finish cooking your food in the oven, your gadget isn’t that helpful.

This is why more companies are going with cloud solutions that are more than a data parking space. Combining functions like organisation, file sharing, and project management software together with the cloud just makes sense. This also simplifies life for your employees by limiting the number of software systems they have to learn. On a day-to-day basis this means fewer passwords to track and less time logging in and out of software systems. As an employer, this means less time lost, happier workers, and a better bottom line.  


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About this author: Kevin Senior

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