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Glasscubes is not simply a low-cost alternative to Huddle. As well as outstanding collaboration software, Glasscubes provides exceptional all-round support.

What makes Glasscubes support better?

Our technical support and user help is often highlighted by customers as among the very best that they have experienced. This is because every Glasscubes customer receives the highest level of personal, professional support, with a response time that is unmatched elsewhere in the industry.

Unlike Huddle, Glasscubes telephone support is not dependent on the size of the customer's account. Additionally, we are happy to communicate by email or via our online chat messenger, which offers a real-time chat support that is built into the online platform.

Also, Glasscubes offers customers a dedicated Customer Success Manager to ensure that we are always available, accountable and there to help.

"We were looking for a new on-line collaboration tool that we could use with our clients and other third parties. Glasscubes was recommended to us so we embarked on an internal evaluation. Following excellent feedback from our users regarding the clear layout and functionality of the site, it was an easy decision to make to move to Glasscubes. The team provided excellent, timely telephone and email support and the technical help to move our content from our existing provider, replicating our structure in Glasscubes. Great service."

IT Training Manager, Aaron & Partners

What does this mean for my team?

We have found that a dedicated and responsive technical support team is important to our customers and a much-appreciated feature of the Glasscubes experience. In particular, our support is valuable to a team during the early stages of its transition to its new collaboration and document sharing platform, and even when that service is not required, it is helpful to know that it is available.

The Glasscubes team provides technical assistance with the migration of content from your existing provider, and our maximum 3-hour online ticket response time means that even complex queries are quickly resolved.


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Information accurate as of Q2 2018. Features and pricing subject to change without notice.

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