File Sharing, Collaboration, Project Management: Glasscubes v Huddle


Glasscubes offers a secure platform for teams and businesses with an exceptional pricing system.

Teams and organisations interested in a viable alternative to Huddle need more than great price and security; they will need to consider performance in the key product areas and how Glasscubes compares.

“We moved from Huddle to Glasscubes and have found that Glasscubes represent far superior value for money, whilst also having extra features and a better user experience.”

IT Project Manager, Reading Borough Council

File Sharing and Document Management

Huddle offers an intuitive platform for file sharing. They allow individual file uploads of 2GB in size on the Starter Plan and 10GB on the Huddle, Plus and Premium Plans, document versioning, and you are provided with a detailed audit of activity. Also, there is permission-based access to sensitive information, and unlimited multiple file uploads.

Glasscubes also offers all of the above. The platform is logical and intuitive, and the individual file upload size is unlimited as standard. It provides full document version control, and a full audit trail that can be downloaded and analysed. Access is permission-based, and multiple file uploads are also unlimited.


The Huddle platform provides workspaces for sharing, discussion and comment. Discussion threads are saved and searchable, and notes are available on all devices with links and images. There is a straightforward system for document approval and searches can be made across all workspaces.

Glasscubes matches Huddle in each of these areas. The platform's workspaces are communicative and inclusive, with all activity and discussion fully searchable. Whiteboards can be created using any device and it's simple to embed pictures and external links. Document approval is clear and logical, and the platform includes a conference calling service for up to 50 participants which is free, with just the local charge added to your regular phone bill.

Task and Project Management

Huddle makes assigning and tracking tasks easy. Team Leaders and Managers are provided with an array of tools and features including reminders, shared calendars and task tracking - all fully integrated into their customised workspaces.

Glasscubes once again provides all of these key features. Task assignment, automatic reminders, shared calendars and milestone management are all part of Glasscubes' customisable workspaces. Furthermore, task time tracking and tracking of project progression mean that workloads are easily monitored and costs calculated. For more complex projects Glasscubes also includes task dependencies, Gantt charts and ciritical path analysis.

With such a comparable range of intuitive and intelligent features across the two platforms, Glasscubes' outstanding pricing stands out even more. Feel free to contact us directly with your queries by phone or email.


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Information accurate as of Q2 2019. Features and pricing subject to change without notice.

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