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5 Cloud Computing Benefits for SMEs

on 2 December 2015


Posted by Kevin Senior

Switching over to a cloud-based platform such as a Glasscubes online workspace for collaboration and project management offers a range of benefits. Here are 5 of our favourites:

1. Security

This is one of the common concerns of owners of businesses whose practices are still based on in-house systems for email and data storage. Yet with the specialist expertise and infrastructure offered by cloud providers, a company's security normally sees a significant boost by turning to cloud computing. Naturally, the level of security will depend on the service, but in the case of Glasscubes, sensitive and valuable data is protected with the same systems protecting some of the most important financial institutions in Europe.

2. File sharing

With files being uploaded to a central location, all team members are able to access documents for a given project. This makes for much greater efficiency, and also allows for document versioning, which ensures that each worker has the latest version of a document, and also that earlier versions are retained.

3. Flexible working and remote teams

One of the major advantages of a cloud-based platform is that a co-worker only needs access to the internet in order to be an active member of the team. People can work from home when the kids are sick, and even take working holidays, continuing to contribute and collaborate despite spending an extended period away from the office. Taking this one step further, it becomes simple to establish remote teams, where people work together in a virtual office across time zones.

4. Software and hardware

Having switched away from an in-house system, an organisation is no longer reliant on on-site servers and a costly IT department. Instead, all that is needed is for workers to have access to a web browser and the internet. Also, software upgrades continue as part of the service, ensuring that systems are highly competitive and up to date.

5. Cost saving

Huge cost savings result from a far more efficient use of resources and streamlined practices, no in-house IT department, no more paper-based recordkeeping, and less on-site staff.

Cloud computing is becoming increasingly important to businesses throughout the UK, who, from collaborating via an online workspace, go on to experience improved security, better use of resources and more productive teams.




About this author: Kevin Senior

Managing Director at Glasscubes. With over 30 years experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries, Kevin brings success to fast growing companies advising on best practices and growth lead technology solutions.