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Why The Future Of Business Is Remote

on 13 June 2017


Posted by Kevin Senior
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It’ll never work…. words that have been uttered on so many occasions they are becoming worn out. Working remotely, away from the office, even at home – it’s a daunting prospect for a business that has always relied on a fixed location, permanent local staff, and a traditional way of getting things done. 

But do you know what happens when we don’t change, don’t look to diversify, to grow, to develop, or to improve? Nothing, that’s right absolutely nothing happens; we stay stuck in our ways, unable to accept that the world is a different place today than it was yesterday, and guess what, tomorrow it is going to be different again. Whilst we stand still, everybody else moves forward. So instead of fighting against the tide, why not be moved by it, why not accept change, flow with it, and even influence it too?

Remote working is here, and the traditional business model needs properly embrace it. Here we look at how it can work for you, your business and your employees, we will look at team collaboration software and how it can dynamically improve the productivity of your business. We are not talking about a revolution, but what we are talking about is evolution. 

You cannot afford to let your business get left behind, so let’s look at these three key, exciting areas where UK businesses are benefitted by utilising the Glasscubes solution and remote work. 

The virtual office

Forget the centralised office from where you do business. Instead think that your business now has multiple offices, each located wherever your team members are. You do not need offices in London, New York, Tokyo – you have them all from your desk or laptop, wherever you may be. You have a global presence; it is now time that you put it to work. 

Your PA may be in Europe, but video calls can contact them; your new customer in Los Angeles wants a certain document, but that’s fine, it will be there in an instant. Time zones are bypassed by team collaboration software, all of the data is conveniently located in one online location, available to all who need it, as and when they need it, without having to trawl through dusty archives or old email chains. One online workspace for one project, everything to hand, leaving your workers to, well, work. 

Productivity & staff contentment

There’s no commute, no time lost to traffic, the office is private and there are flexible working hours. Each minute employed is more productive, and the happiness of your workforce is boosted too. People criticise remote working as they cannot “measure” hours worked, but we need no longer live in the clock-on, clock-off age. What is forgotten is that offices are not necessarily productive. They can serve as a distraction, and this means that over a normal working day, productivity can actually decrease. 

Furthermore, remote working empowers the worker, makes them feel trusted and appreciated, and in any event, team collaboration software can demonstrate the input individuals have to any ongoing project from wherever they are working. Don’t measure hours, measure output. 

The optimised team

You want the best person for the role, but what if that person is not geographically within the same area? Working remotely allows you to expand the size of the talent pool – you can therefore hire the very best for the role, rather than the best local candidate. Team collaboration software then allows each team member to be best utilised on any given project; it allows you to deploy the right person for each element of any task. You are streamlining the project, utilising the best skills of the best people, and allowing collaboration to ensure the best end result for the business, rather than simply making do with your available in-house resources. 

Different people have differing skillsets, so imagine being able to pick and choose these, and target their deployment to increase quality, all the while maintaining a team ethos. Permanent, in-house staff is inefficient; a flexible, global workforce means ultra-specialisation and value.

Remote work, as facilitated by Glasscubes’ intuitive collaboration software, is a godsend for small and medium-sized business that historically have had zero chance of replicating the reach and resources of the largest globalised organisations. Now, though, businesses can cut their office overheads, forget battling to retain staff, and instead focus on utilising the flexible talent available the world over to formulate their teams and complete their projects. 

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About this author: Kevin Senior

Managing Director at Glasscubes. With over 30 years experience working with businesses of all sizes and industries, Kevin brings success to fast growing companies advising on best practices and growth lead technology solutions.