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Solution-based, app rant 2.0 by an annoyed tweep!

on 27 July 2009


Posted by Wayne Pope

OK, bit of a rant this morning... what is it with terminology and buzz words? Are we just getting so lazy that everything has to be buzz word led?

Let's start with 2.0

Is 2.0 still really being used? I mean, when initially coined it meant something (as in Web 2.0) if 2.0 was being launched years ago, surely we must have advanced at the very least? In fact, if you consider what the founders thought, it's clear we have advanced. So how come we are still using it to describe the next generation of everything (after all, mobile telephones were never telephones 2.0 and never will be). What about appvertising. It just really makes me cringe!!! It's still advertising people, it's just done on applications for your phone. And, while we're on the subject, how come everything is an 'app' these days? Whatever happened to applications? Although I have to confess to being guilty of this one, and I'm embarrassed for myself after I use it!

In fact, I'm going to make a list of terminology which really gets my goat, starting with...

  • 'solution' when it's used to not mean an answer but is simply a word people use when they can't come up with something better!
  • 'Glocalisation' - come on. Oh please. It's for presentations by people who love buzz words - have you ever used it or 'glocal' when chatting to your mates in any scenario and not been looked at like some kind of crap on the bottom of their shoe?
  • 'mash-up' - an old favourite of one of my previous bosses this one. What does it mean? Lots of things all brought into one place. Nothing mashed at all... more of a combination of things.
  • 'To Google' - you're just not are you!? You're searching. SEARCHING! Are you going to start saying "I'll just bing that". No.
  • 'spam'. Put your hand up if you honestly know what spam is. It isn't everything emailmarketing. Stop getting lazy, it's unsolicited email which is the problem. Spam is still a tin of nasty meat product which I used to fry at university.
  • 'social networking'... ok so this doesn't get my goat as a term, just how it's used. If we were to believe 99% of social networking companies out there, every online business would be a social networking site. You're just not are you!? Get off the buzzword train you lazy, lazy fools.
  • Twitter terminology. Can we please grow up. Yes Twitter is great, I love it in fact, yes I do tweet... but I'm not a tweeple (or is the singular twerp?)... so can we please stop adding 'tw...' in front of everything just to be funny? It's not.

And just to prove it's not just the online world it bugs me...

  • 'WAGs'. Just because they are a wife or girlfriend of a footballer or cricketer or any other sportsman, they are not a wife and girlfriend. It's one or the other! I know there is a sub plot (i.e. they are money grabbing, fame seeking, story telling women) but that's no excuse for tarnishing everybody with the same brush
  • 'Chav' lets just be honest here, it's last year, they don't really exist and it's actually really harsh
  • 'hoodies' see 'chav'
  • 'KP' (and 'Stevie G' etc...) is that really his nickname? Honestly?? If it is then fine, but we aren't their mates, so can we be a bit more formal?

I'm going to keep adding to this list, but if you want to suggest a few, email me at


About this author: Wayne Pope

Technical Director at Glasscubes. With over 30 years experience in the online software industry, Wayne brings an in depth technical expertise in collaborative tools, technology, and best practices.