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How to streamline your client personal tax process this tax season

on 17 October 2023

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Posted by Kevin Senior
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As the tax return deadline looms, the idea of late client submissions becomes a pressing concern.

Outdated and manual approaches to collecting personal tax information result in delayed and inconsistent responses from clients.

This not only extends the time required for each client but also negatively impacts your team's morale.


The importance of timely submissions

Using email or existing client portals is the wrong tool for gathering personal tax information from clients. There are a miriade of issues, such as information and queries spread across many emails and inboxes, to manual tracking, manually chasing clients and poor overall visibility. The outcome is it forces your team into a last-minute scramble to file tax returns, elevating the risk of inaccuracies and mistakes.

This inefficiency can result in wasted time and the potential loss of clients due to ineffective tax reporting – a direct hit to your time (and the firm's profitability).

Least forget, traditional methods of document submission, such as paper forms or email, expose you to the risks of data breaches and GDPR violations.


The solution? Information gathering tools

The idea of a cloud-based platform that automatically reminds clients about their document submissions, collates all the information and gives you visibility may seem like a dream.

Technological advancements, however, have made this not only a possibility but also a growing practice among leading firms giving them the advantage.

Professionals are increasingly recognising the downsides of manual document handling and adopting digital solutions instead.

A digital information gathering tool not only sends automatic reminders but also provides a myriad of further benefits like additional security, ease of access and comprehensive visibility of workflow.

In addition, the automated reminders can be personalised with aid-memories and checklists that give your firm the best chance of collating personal tax data on time and in an organised manner.

Features of online information gathering tools

Online information gathering tools offer user-friendly checklist lists, enabling clients to easily identify required submissions and their corresponding deadlines, simply by clicking on a link in an email - no passwords needed.

Automated reminders liberate your team from the tedious task of sending emails, allowing them to focus on more value-added activities, client satisfaction and business expansion.

Real-time tracking of client progress in tax return submissions enhances both internal team collaboration and direct client engagement.


Introducing the Glasscubes solution

Glasscubes is revolutionising the way accountants manage their clients personal tax information.

Our platform automates the monotonous tasks of gathering and collating personal tax information, thereby freeing up your team's time and enhancing your practice's workflow efficiency.

With features specifically designed to reduce the inefficiencies of processing personal tax returns, Glasscubes alleviates the stress of the arduous task of the yearly personal tax season, almost entirely.

By adopting Glasscubes into your team, you can significantly improve your workflow, reduce stress, and focus on what truly matters - delivering exceptional service to your clients.


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