Stress free payroll processing without the frantic rush

Stop chasing clients for their payroll submissions,
we’ll do that for you.

Our users, and most importantly, our clients, like the functionality, interface, and have seamlessly adopted the platform. Glasscubes is a cost-effective solution, with a user friendly interface, and responsive support. Patrick Angland - Applications Analyst at Mintz

Does this sound familiar?

I’m fed up with the frantic rush to process our client’s payroll on time.

Chasing clients for their payroll information is a real drag.

We rely on a spreadsheet to see what needs to be completed, by whom and when.

I’m concerned that confidential information could be emailed to the wrong person by mistake.

We don’t have a secure way of receiving payroll information from clients.

We help payroll professionals work smarter, faster, and with less effort.

  • Save time using automation to gather client payroll information in a timely manner.
  • Stress free, real-time visibility of workload, that ensures deadlines are met.
  • Locate the information you need without having to search through mountains of email.
  • Client submissions automatically assigned as they are received.
  • Guarantee that information cannot be misplaced, lost, or sent to the wrong recipient.
  • Make it easy for team members to pick up each other’s work in times of absence.

Our Approach

Talk to us. We’ll do the rest.

First, let's chat

In our first call, we’ll discuss your challenges, plans, and what you’ve tried so far. We’ll only move forward if we’re confident that Glasscubes is a good fit for you and your firm


Then, we’ll show you

Based on your requirements, goals, and our experience, we’ll configure and setup your trial account. This will allow us to demonstrate our vision in a format that feels familiar to you. You’ll discover some of the improvements Glasscubes delivers and the challenges we overcome.

Time to get things rolling

We’ll pass the configured trial account over to you to use free of cost or commitment for 30-days. This will allow you to try it and get some feedback from your clients, as well as your colleagues. Spoiler alert...
they’re going to love it!


Secure - approved and accredited

Glasscubes uses SSL encryption to ensure your data is secure. We are Government-approved and accredited by UKAS with the ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems certification and IASME Consortium with the Cyber Essentials certification.

Simple and Intuitive to Use

Glasscubes is quick to set up, requires no technical expertise or end-user training. It can be used as a standalone platform or to compliment your practice management system. Our open integration can be used to deliver a powerful solution by connecting your back and front office seamlessly.


Schedule a quick call to discuss your requirements and arrange a demonstration.