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Global yacht company collaborates with colleagues and external parties to manage superyacht refits

A Glasscubes customer story - Y.CO


Y.CO is the challenger brand of the global superyacht industry. Pioneering innovation and bringing a new dynamic, modern approach to yachting, Y.CO specialises in sales, purchase, charter, management, new construction and refit from superyacht hubs worldwide. Y.CO enables Owners and charter Clients to experience the adventure of yachting at the highest possible levels of service.

Y.CO is synonymous with its signature yellow livery: bright, positive, fun and enthusiastic. It’s what they call Yellowessence.

“Collaboration has always been an important part of our business, although it's becoming more and more pertinent as we continue to become fully interconnected via technology and the Internet. Glasscubes has made collaborating with colleagues and external parties, who are scattered throughout the world, an easy process.”

Co-Founder & CEO, Y.CO

The Challenge

With cutting edge technology at Y.CO's fingertips, their construction projects often pioneer ground breaking design. Clients choose the size, number and layout of cabins. From swimming pools that convert to dancefloors, to cinemas and saunas for the ultimate on-the-water experience. Y.CO work with the top interior and exterior designers in the superyacht industry and look after their clients’ interests, from choosing a designer who shares their vision, to ensuring that their project stays on budget and on schedule. All of this requires first class project management.

“We use Glasscubes predominantly for project coordination, we find that the online, shared access filing system is a great tool for sharing information instantly and securely. We have used Dropbox to share files but found that it had very limited functionality. Glasscubes gives us the tools that we need, which ensure we meet our goals.”

Technical Controller, Y.CO

The Solution

Building a superyacht or undertaking a yacht refit is a major project, which often involves naval architects, designers, technical experts, artisans, security advisors, interior outfitters, ship chandlers, audio visual IT integrators and crew. Glasscubes provides everyone involved with a central file repository, which is version controlled and accessible from anywhere. This ultimately offers the peace of mind that the whole team are accessing the most up to date and accurate information available.

"Glasscubes allows team members and external parties to access information and documents remotely and with the minimum of fuss. The platform is extremely easy to use, so no training is required when directing the various parties to the site. Glasscubes has really helped to simplify our team's collaboration”, concludes Abbey.

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