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    User Groups in Glasscubes

    on 16 February 2011
    Posted by Jamie B

    This weekend we are making available across all accounts the ability to create User Groups. What are user groups? Its a convenient way of grouping users together so that you can select a group of people with a single click when sending a notification or adding them to a Workspace. Groups can be anything you want from an internal team, or an external company. So how does it work? - first go to the 'Admin area' then 'User security', scroll down to just under the list of users and you will see this now:


    We've created a single group already for you which contains all the people in your organization (excluding the external users). You can delete this if you want, its just their for your convenience. So here you can manage your groups, by adding or removing them as you see fit. To get started enter a new group name and then click on 'Add new group' - in this example I'm creating a group called 'Accounts team':

    Now select the users from the drop down list that you want to be part of the group. Then click on 'Add the selected person(s) to this group' link:

    There you can see that I've added 3 people to this group (I've hidden their emails in this example). Once you're done adding (or removing) members simply click on 'Ok I'm done, close this'. Now when you want to notify anyone of anything this group will now appear at the top of the list:

    We hope you find this new feature useful!

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