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    Real-time Feeds - better online collaboration

    on 20 May 2011
    Posted by Jamie


    When it comes to online collaborating, sharing files, etc its good to keep abreast of who else on your account is doing what so you can keep an overview of everything happening in your organization. Of course we have the Activity feeds in Glasscubes that gives you a snapshot of everything that has been happening.


    From this weekend on Glasscubes the feeds are real-time - this means if you have the dashboard page open in your browser (either the main dashboard or Workspace dashboard) and people are doing things on your account - these will automatically appear in your feed. If you are familiar with Twitter or Facebook it behaves in the same way. Anything tha'ts happened across you account in the last 60 seconds will appear automatically. We also update the title of the browser tab so you can see even if you're looking at another site. Its a great online collaboration tool, which makes for more succesfull online project management.



    You can see here that 2 items have happened while this page has been open - you simply click on the red area and they will instantly appear in your feed without refreshing.

    You can also see here this is also reflected in your browser tab


    Here you can see there's been 1 update since you've been looking at Google.


    New Workspace view

    Previously you had 3 different views :


    • Chronological
    • Compact
    • Workspace

    We realised that the 'Workspace' view wasn't working to well in terms of how it displayed information to you. We wanted it to be able to group items by workspace - this is really useful if your workspaces represent projects. However if there was a lot of updates you couldn't really get a feel for what was happening.


    So what have done?


    We've merged the Compact and Workspace together. This means the workspaces are listed with the number of updates next to it as before with the Compact view. However now you can click on the number of updates and it will instantly display the updates that have happened in the Workspace. This makes it much more efficient and easy for you to understand what's been happening.


    We sincerely hope you likes these changes.

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