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A document management solution for a patent law firm to manage litigation files

A Glasscubes customer story - Neustel Law Offices


NEUSTEL LAW OFFICES have been dedicated to protecting the intellectual property rights of businesses and inventors since 1998. Working with a diverse group of clients, from individual inventors to small businesses, government agencies and publicly traded companies.

As patent attorneys, they actively engage with clients and immerse themselves in their businesses to understand, build and implement efficient patent and trademark strategies that add to their bottom-line.

"Glasscubes is going to save our law firm a significant amount of time with litigation matters and provide our clients a higher quality legal service, at a lower cost to them (a win-win for everyone)."

U.S. Patent Attorney, Neustel Law Offices

The Challenge

Michael explains, "I am a U.S. patent attorney and a software developer. Our patent law firm needed a document management solution for managing our litigation documents (we have a lot of PDF documents and we need to be able to identify, mark and search them easily). The current solutions in the legal industry are very outdated and cumbersome so we wanted an alternative solution that will make us more efficient."


The Solution

"After evaluating Glasscubes against other solutions the following advantages were identified", says Michael.

OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SUPPORT - Glasscubes provide OUTSTANDING customer support! I cannot emphasize this enough. This is by far one of the best customer support experiences I have ever had. Glasscubes has a sidebar communication interface that you basically enter into real-time chats with support people who are knowledgeable and prompt to address your questions. You can ask the simplest question and someone will have a response to you typically within one minute - unheard of in today's support world. Compared to the other cloud-based services we tried, you will not experience anything close to the level of support here!

DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT - We tried Box, ZoHo and a few other cloud-based document management systems. Glasscubes easily defeats them all. They have a very easy to use document uploading system (and it is fast!) and intuitive simple to use interface for managing the documents. For example, we have a litigation attorney who is NOT very tech savvy at all and he finds Glasscubes very easy to use.

SEARCHING DOCUMENTS - First, when you upload a document it is almost immediately indexed by their system so you can search and find it right away (other cloud-based systems we tried took 24-48 hours to index documents we uploaded). Second, when you do a general search of documents you get search results that show not just the file name but also a portion of the text that includes the keyword to provide a 'Googlish' search experience (many of the other cloud-based systems only provide the file name). Finally, the searches are very fast.

VISUAL TAGS - We really like how you can not only tag documents which others do, BUT they include a colored visual tag in the file name itself to help you identify the document immediately from a visual perspective (very smart and intuitive). We couldn't see anyone else doing this. It is also nice to be able to just select a tag and all of the documents with that tag are displayed (I know the others do this also but their system is easier it seems).

In closing, Michael says, "Our experience with Glasscubes compared to the other document management companies has been wonderful and very easy to transition to. I encourage anyone with a lot of documents to management/search to try this out and compare to the other guys - it is amazing the other guys are even in business after you compare them!"


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