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Micro messaging now in online project management

on 14 April 2011
Posted by Wayne Pope

We've changed the default Workspace dashboard to include a micro message/blog field just like you have in Facebook and Twitter. This is great for sharing information with Glasscubes online project management

This means you can share whatever is on your mind or infomation with your colleagues in a familiar fashion. These will appear directly in your activity feeds for the workspace. And you can comment directly in the feed.


We've also added the ability to email information directly to this feed, so you can share info whilst out on the road. You can also now recieve daily emails of the activity feed if you wish. Finally, if you are the workspace owner you can now customize the dashboard page, by removing panels such as the weekly view or member list.

This will be available from next week and we hope you find this useful for your online collaboration.


About this author: Wayne Pope

Technical Director at Glasscubes. With over 30 years experience in the online software industry, Wayne brings an in depth technical expertise in collaborative tools, technology, and best practices.