Environmental and ecological consultancy transfer from existing document management system

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ENIMS is an environmental and ecological consultancy that help businesses and individuals achieve their commercial and development goals using an innovative approach to minimising environmental impacts in a professional, efficient and cost-effective way.

enims’ collaborative approach has proven to be key to their success. Their business practices meet the requirements of ISO 44001 (Collaborative Business Relationships) which allows them to continually improve how they deliver their services and work hand-in-hand with clients and partners.

“Glasscubes customer service is exemplary, with a response to any queries or concerns almost immediate. Any issues that we encountered transferring to Glasscubes were resolved quickly, efficiently and explained in a clear manner.”

Business Manager, enims

The Challenge

“We formerly used Huddle, a cloud-based document management and collaboration system. Although this worked for us initially, we were unhappy with the customer service we received. There was also a lack of notification when making changes to the service. We therefore decided to look for an alternative supplier. As an SME our main concern was the impact on our staff and the disruption that might be caused during the transfer from one supplier to another", explains Lisa.

“We found the Glasscubes on-boarding service to be extremely helpful. They took full responsibility, which dramatically cut down on the necessity for any of our staffs involvement during the process. It also turned out to be a great deal easier than we anticipated.”

The Solution

"enims has adopted Glasscubes throughout the business, and the option for our staff to work remotely and always have access to their files is crucial to our business. Not only do we use the platform as a file sharing and document management system but we rely heavily on the calendar. Not to forget the task functionality, which in particular is a real life-saver! Regarding feedback from staff, I have not really had anything, which I take as a good thing", says Lisa.

“The workspace calendars are fantastic! They can be overlaid to compare schedules and are easy to administer. It’s particularly useful to just hover over entries to see a summary of the item without having to click through to the entry.”

Office & HR Manager, enims

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