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A Glasscubes customer story - Church’s Ministry among Jewish People


THE CHURCH'S MINISTRY AMOUNG JEWISH PEOPLE (CMJ) was started in the UK in 1809. They have grown over the last 200+ years, spreading out across the UK and beyond as their worldwide partners actively carry the ministry through every continent.

CMJ Israel’s operations are spread across six locations and the team regularly needs to collaborate and share content with each other.

“My team communicates much better than it did before, we have reduced emails and now provide accurate information centrally for the team to access. We are keeping all of our policies in one place so that it is easy for everyone to find the latest, accurate versions. It is now much easier to collaborate as a group and it certainly saves us time.”

Team Leader, CMJ Israel

The Challenge

Linda Cohen explains, “the primary communication and collaboration tools being used were Skype and Email. The problem with over relying on email communication is the quantity of messages that get sent. Also, the time that was needed to manage our content and stay on top of document versions was proving to be a challenge for us. We knew that there had to be an easier way of working together”.

Having had some experience of online collaboration tools in the past, CMJ embarked on finding a solution to the problem.

Cohen went on to say that, “introducing productivity tools in the Middle East can be a cultural challenge, it was therefore essential to introduce a tool that was both simple to understand and easy to use, to encourage adoption”.

The Solution

After considering a number of tools, Glasscubes was chosen because it offered the right balance between the required functionality combined with the user-friendly feel that we were looking for.

CMJ created a number of secure workspaces that support different working group’s activities. The workspaces now act as the ‘go-to’ place, where accurate content is stored centrally, so that team members have access to the same information, regardless of their site location.

With a number of ongoing projects as well as personal tasks to stay on top of CMJ are tapping into the task/project management capabilities of Glasscubes to keep activities on track.

“Glasscubes workspaces have connected our team members together to create a secure online community. My board members now feel a much greater part of the team and this allows them to have greater visibility and input”, said Cohen.


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