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Christmas update

on 14 December 2010
Posted by Wayne Pope


We're rolling out a new major update at Christmas and it brings some new exciting features. We'll go into details about each one when they become live in the coming 2 weeks but I wanted to give you some information now so you know what to expect

Unlimited users

Yes thats right - no more limits on the amount of users you can add to your account. We also spent some time working on making it much more easy to add people - there is no more differientation between users and 'external' users - you simply go to a worksoace add anyone you want to give access to. We've also make it simple to give people different permissions within a workspace - i.e. you can add someone as a reader and they  can only read files, documents, discussions etc  - they cannot actually add anything.

Document Approvals

This means when you create a whiteboard or upload a file or document you can now add people to approve your document. They'll get notified that they need to read and approve (or reject!) your document. Once they approve or reject you document Glasscubes will keep you notified as who has approved or rejected your document.

Quick links

We've improved the way you can now share files that are uploaded to workspaces. You can now get a quick web address to the file and share it will anyone you want - whether by email, twitter or white dove! ;-)


I'll write more about each of these improvements when they are live in a couple of weeks.


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