• Better email support

    on 10 June 2012

    We've made an update over the weekend to add better support for creating content via email within Workspaces. So what can you do?

    • Upload a file via email
    • Create Task via email
    • Share/Announce content with an attachment via emai

    How to use it? You'll find the email address under each relevant section with the Workspace (Dashboard, Tasks, Documents) . Simplly email to the address with the content you want.

    So for a document - just send the email with the attachment to the address shown under the 'Documents' area in the workspace. Any content in your email will be added as a comment to the document.

    To create a Task - you can email the person you want to assign the task to (or yourself) and CC the email address shown under 'Tasks' - so as long as the person you sent the email to is in the Workspace, we'll create a task automatically in that Workspace.


    We hope you find this useful - as always contact us if you have any questions or need help.



    Posted by James