• Workplace Traits of Generation Z

    on 8 November 2016


    gEN Z

    Those who fall into the category of Generation Z have just begun to enter the workforce. While every person is unique, each generation is thought to share an ethos that is pervasive among members of that generation.

    As tech savvy individuals who’ve lived through the recession and are living in a fast-paced and highly diverse world, Generation Z has a fresh outlook on the world we live in. Prepare for the incoming class of professionals by learning a little bit more about how they’re predicted to impact the workplace.


    Tech Savvy

    No longer will employers have to dedicate countless hours teaching a technology-fearful staff how to use state-of-the-art software. The newest wave has had technology at their fingertips at a younger age than any other prior generation. Whatever online collaboration software technology a company uses will rapidly be learned by Zers. Not only will they be quick to adapt, but they’ll use and get more out of the company’s tech programs than current staff members.

    Hungry to Learn

    A growing number of graduates are dissatisfied with their college experiences. Millennials and Zers alike feel that they’re not learning skills that will benefit them in the ‘real world.’ Expect this new workforce to have an insatiable appetite for learning – this is an exciting prospect for young, growing businesses.

    Highly Competitive

    A recent study conducted by the authors of GenZ@Work, found that millennials believed themselves to be entitled to a job in their favoured area of interest, whereas those of the new generation feel that they’d be lucky to have a job at all. The effects of the recent recession will manifest itself in the drive and competitive nature of Generation Z. Don’t expect these to be laid back, complacent workers. On the contrary, expect them to work late, stress about their job status, and demonstrate commendable work ethics.

    The Neo-Socratic Method

    Zers weren’t raised on a rapidly growing economy and affinity for government. These kids have had their social media feeds inundated by protest and scandal notices. Generation Z has been brought up in times of rapid change and progress. Do not expect Zers to waltz into their new places of work and follow suit with policy, practices, or even conventional work schedules. The disillusioned generation will question tradition and push towards reform both in and out of the workplace. They will not sit back and watch their work lives be shaped without having their voices heard.


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    Posted by Spencer Abel