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    What's So Great About Remote Working?

    on 20 July 2018


    Posted by Sam Abrahams

    Is it the end of the line for the traditional 9-5 office set-up? Whilst many still tackle the daily commute and can’t begin to imagine life away from the buzz and hubbub of the office, others now choose an alternative: remote working.

    The trend for remote working has picked up pace over recent years and with the availability of smart collaboration software like Glasscubes it’s easier than ever for employees to stay abreast of what’s going on in the office even when they are nowhere near it. Got employees based in the UK and the US, suppliers in Germany and customers in Canada? No worries, providing you can figure out the time-zones you can use collaboration software to link up the right people at the right time.

    Remote work allows for a productive work ethic, a cost-effective business, and a healthier work-life balance, don’t believe us? Let’s compare:

    The Office Employee:

    The alarm is beeping tirelessly as you drag yourself from your bed. It’s 6:00am on a dreary Monday morning and the first commute of the week beckons. After a shower, quick breakfast and a little grooming you hastily jump in the car, you always leave early as you know the traffic will be at crawl (as always). You have tried the train a few times, but it’s not as reliable as you would like and the train is often late or jam-packed, so you can’t even sit down.

    When you finally reach the office (after playing hunt the parking space), you collapse at your desk – is it really only 8:00am? You check your e-mails, attend three meetings, make several phone-calls and start working on a project proposal. Nora at the desk next to you has a nasty cough (that’s going to spread around the office thanks to the air con) and Derek talks so loud on the phone it’s hard to hear yourself think!

    The afternoon brings heavy rain and soon the roof starts to leak (you put a waist-bin beneath it) and suffer the constant drip-drip-drip in contrived silence. The management team is aware of the problem and are trying to free up some of the budget to make repairs (to be honest the whole place could do with a makeover), it’s hardly inspiring! You leave at 5:00pm and hit the traffic jam again.

    The Remote Worker:

    You set your alarm clock for 6:00am, you like an early start so you can have a quick jog in the morning followed by a coffee and breakfast to set you up for the day. At 7:30am you are on the laptop and ready to dial into the morning meeting. You have a productive morning in your “home office,” the windows are open, you have your favourite music playing and you’ve had time for a refreshing break. You catch up with your co-workers and update shared documents before reporting on the progress you’ve made in relation to the project you are all working on. You join a video conference for a brainstorming session with a few of the team and after an inspiring day you close your laptop and head to the kitchen to put on the dinner.

    Employers – What’s the Verdict?

    Which employee do you think you are getting the most from? The stressed-out office worker who has one eye on the clock as he tries to knuckle down in a busy and chaotic office? Or the relaxed remote worker who starts his day in a positive way and has the tools needed to work efficiently and effectively from home?

    The case for remote working is getting stronger – technological advances now mean that your workers can communicate more easily with one another wherever they are. The benefits of a remote workforce seem to be bountiful – a happier and more content work-force, higher levels of productivity and less overheads. Why splash out on upgrading an out-dated office if employees aren’t going to be on-site to use it? In fact, with a remote workforce you don’t need a “physical” office at all, employees can work from the comfort of their own home minus the noisy distractions and issues related to their environment. Gone are the gripes about the office being too cold and the hunt for a more comfortable chair. It’s time to champion the virtues of remote working, who needs the long commute and a leaking ceiling when you can do it all (and more) from home?