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    What Personality Types Make the Best Remote Workers?

    on 21 February 2018


    Posted by Sam Abrahams

    With the recent increase in home working there are now far more companies and employees interested in making this switch. There are certainly some big advantages to be had from starting to work remotely, both for the business for the workers involved.

    Yet, could it be the case that not everyone is equally suited to this way of working? The truth is that there are some personality types that are perfectly suiting to ditching the commute and working from home. The following are a few of the types of people who should take to remote working like a duck to water.

    An Independent Spirit

    The first thing we normally see in someone who is suited to home working is an independent spirit. After all, this type of person is happy to work alone all day long, which may mean being alone at home or in their garden. Alternatively, some people may prefer to always have their colleagues beside them as they work.

    This is often allied to a creative side to their nature as well. Anyone who lacks this independent spirit and creative side may struggle to make the switch to home working, although there may also be other aspects to their personality that make up for this.

    Lots of Self-Discipline

    Perhaps the biggest worry for some people is how on earth they will possibly manage to concentrate on work while at home. Will the temptation of watching TV, making some snacks or finding something else to do prove to be too strong? Even watering the plants or feeding the cat can eat up valuable time if you let it do so.

    This is a big issue for some new home workers but not so much for others. Typically, someone who is blessed with a lot of self-discipline will find it a lot simpler to get used to working this this way. This will allow them to carry on producing even when there is no-one there to encourage them.

    The Ability to Communicate

    Another huge factor in being able to work successfully from home is the ability to communicate with colleagues. This is now made easy thanks to the presence of online team collaboration tools, of course.

    Yet, not everyone is equally comfortable or adept at communicating with other team members when there is a distance between them. This means that having an innate gift for communicating well is a huge advantage to start with.


    Working alone at home can be a daunting prospect for someone who is planning to do it for the first time. What if there is a problem with the computer, the internet connection or the company’s systems? Who can help out to solve these problems when your colleagues are miles away?

    Someone who enjoys solving problems will feel far more comfortable about being able to resolve any issues that crop up during the day. Of course, someone who has never been in this situation before may find that they are inspired to become more of a problem-solver once it becomes vital that they do so.

    Good Organisers

    Being well organised is important in any role anywhere, but it is even more vital when you work from home. If you don’t have a plan and stick to it then you could end up missing deadlines and possibly having to work late into the night to try and catch up.

    On the other hand, someone who is naturally good at organising their time and their work will find it far easier to adapt to a daily commute of just a few metres. Indeed, this way of working offers the chance to be even more productive to a worker who excels at managing their time well.

    People Who Love Flexibility and Freedom

    Finally, there are many different reasons for wanting to work from home. Often, the reasons for doing this can give us a clue as to how well-suited an employee is to doing this to a high standard and without problems.

    For instance, someone who loves a high degree of flexibility and freedom is far more likely to do a terrific job. This doesn’t mean that someone can’t learn to relish working from home over time if it suits them in other ways. However, being keen for a flexible lifestyle is a terrific start for anyone to have.