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    User Tutorial Now Available

    on 6 January 2014
    Posted by Wayne

    Our Customer Success Team have been rubbing their heads together to come up with a way of helping our users discover some of the rich functionality that Glasscubes has to offer that may not be immediately obvious. As well as giving our new users a better and more comprehensive on boarding experience.

    We’re delighted to announce that we’ve just completed and launched our new user tutorial. It’s available to any existing users that would like to view it. Any new users that are invited to join your account will now automatically be introduced to all of the features that their permissions allow.

    If you would like to view the tutorial for yourself and discover features on your account that you may not be familiar with, you can switch it on by visiting your Glasscubes profile. To do this, click on the link with your name on it on the top navigation bar in your account. Then click the “Restart Tutorial Hints” button on the right of the page. The tutorial will only run once and is designed to provide you with useful snippets of information when you need them, rather than forcing you through a laborious long-winded exercise.

    We hope that you enjoy the experience and would welcome any feedback that you may have. You can contact us at